HI FRIENDS, my name is Lexi and I’m the Social Media Lead here at POPFLEX. Don’t be shy, you know meeeee. If you’ve dropped us a comment on Instagram, we’ve definitely chatted before (hello again). At this point, we’re besties and you didn’t even know it… but now you do. 

Behind-the-scenes, we have so many people involved that help to not only bring products to our virtual shelves but, overall help to create the POPFLEX community (alongside you guys of course). The timing to introduce you to the Blogifam just seemed so right and we couldn’t think of a better member to jump into things with: the Queen of Visuals, Brittney

Seriously, Britt and I talk every single day about social media and I still learned so much about her and the brand during this interview! I hope you enjoy the read just as much as I loved chatting with her. 

Let’s get into it!


Lexi: Starting off super easy and basic. Introduce yourself to us! What’s your name, bday, and zodiac sign?

Britt: I’m Brittney, the Creative Brand Director. I’m a Leo! Born on August 18, and I’m actually a triplet, so I have two sisters that I get to celebrate with. I’m in Texas and they’re in California, so I’ll have to visit them soon!

Lexi: How did you first hear about POPFLEX?

Britt: I think it was probably like 2015. I started off doing Cassey’s videos on youtube so occasionally, I did the monthly calendars and challenges, like when I first got into the career world post-college graduation. 

I saw Blogilates, and at the time, POPFLEX was a lot smaller, like just starting out, so I really got into the brand and applied for an open position with the brand in 2017. At the time, we only released 1 collection per year, vs. now, it’s new stuff almost every week. 


Lexi: That’s amazing! So it’s like you’ve witnessed the growth of POPFLEX. How has it been seeing us go from 1-2 collections to where we are now? 

Britt: CRAZY! But, it’s been amazing to see our growth in really strengthening our mission to be the best in fit. I’ve watched us take sizing to a whole new level and overall, build a good team that really helps to create a brand that is not only inclusive, but really represents everybody.

Lexi: Being able to witness the growth is such a unique experience. What would you say your favorite collection has been so far? 

Britt: Oof. That’s so hard for me to pick. I’d have to say the Terrain Collection because I have such a strong connection with it. This collection was really where the brand began to evolve – the fit was amazing, the fabric was amazing, and everyone was so excited with this collection. 


Lexi: When you’re shopping with us, what’s your size? 

Britt: I’m a size small but, sometimes I like to size up to a medium if I want more coverage/length. 

Lexi: Considering that you’ve basically seen it all, this may be hard to answer but, what’s your staple piece? 

Britt: I- *literally no words* I like everything black so I like the Supersculpt leggingsSupersculpt Flares, and the Crisscross Hourglass Legging™

Lexi: Okay I need to know… Team Pockets or Team No Pockets?

Britt: I don’t know! I’m not super picky so, as long as it’s black, I’m good. The no pockets really do give that sleek look and feel but, I’m also cool with pockets too. 


Lexi: What would you say is your favorite part about working at POPFLEX? 

Britt: The team. You’re able to really grow here and make mistakes. I’ve really learned to reflect on those mistakes, which has made me learn to take accountability which essentially leads to personal growth. 

Lexi: I know recently your role changed! You went from being the Graphic Designer to now, the Creative Brand Director which is SO exciting. Can you describe your current role? 

Britt: How can I put this? I’m pretty much anything that you see! I lead the graphic design and marketing team, giving a visual to the brand. I handle all things “visually beautiful” from social media to newsletters to things you can physically hold, like the stationary goodies… but also the website. 

Lexi: So basically bringing the beauty to the brand! I love it. Did you always do design for the brand or did you start out in a different department?

Britt: I was originally hired as the second graphic designer but then, started to dabble into project management for about 1 ½ years. 


Lexi: It’s awesome to see your growth. Honestly, working in social media and pretty much just working in the fashion industry in general can mentally be tough sometimes. What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Britt: Social media is so hard and sometimes, we don’t always get a nice, positive response from everyone who leaves a comment. I’ve had to learn that that is okay - everyone has a different experience in life and I’ve learned to not let that negativity affect me. If anything, it drives me to lead content creation that’s positive as a push-back. 

Sometimes, I have to step back and talk to my husband or friends to just let out my feelings. 


Lexi: That’s such a great way of going about it, and creating that safe space while working remotely is major. Since we work from home, what’s your typical day-to-day?

Britt: Wake up, have coffee, check Slack messages, and go for a run before jumping into my day. I have a little 6 mile loop that I like to go on. Then, I get into working! But sometimes, my schedule switches up. For example, launch days... there’s so much to do and so little day! If it’s a super busy day, I’ll skip out on my run BUUUUUT, I have a little under-the-desk treadmill so if I haven’t gotten out of the house, I’ll hop on. It’s super important to me to have some sort of movement.

I love to listen to a good podcast so, I normally listen to The Morning Toast (I literally listen to this every day unless they don’t have a new episode and then at that point, I don’t even know what to do during my day haha). Throughout the day, I like to look for other podcasts too but I haven’t really found others that I like. 

A nice mid-day break for me is making lunch. I love a good smoothie bowl with protein

For dinner, I usually like to make meals at home. I’ll usually rotate through the same 5 recipes throughout the week. If it’s a Friday, to spice it up a little bit, I’ll head to the store and grab some ingredients to make a fun recipe. I love to cook! 

Lexi: I love that you focus on yourself before jumping into work. That’s so important! Is running your go-to way to move?  

Britt: Yes! I did cross country in high school and then in college too. But, when we were in the office, sometimes I did Pilates with Cassey and the girls which was fun. Honestly, I go through all sorts of phases so, once I get bored of running, I’ll probably get back into spin or something, you know? 

Lexi: There’s nothing wrong with a good switch up! Okay let’s leave work alone and get personal. If it’s the weekend, how are you spending your day?

Britt: Literally everyone keeps getting married so, you’ll probably find me at a wedding haha but, if I’m home, normally Saturday is my day for a long run and then a fun activity like paddleboarding or hiking. One fun day, and one day to clean the house. Working from home.. *sigh* sometimes I find myself just making a mess throughout the week haha. 

Lexi: We’re not ALWAYS in activewear… right??? What’s your style? 

Britt: I guess I’d say neutral colors. I try to keep up with the trends! I don’t know Lex! I’d say very regular. I love a good mom jean but, it’s been so hot in Texas so, I’m sticking to white/black things for now.

Lexi: I’m always so interested to know this about people: are you an introvert or extrovert? 

Britt: Honestly, I’ve done the Myers-Briggs test and I always switch back and forth between introvert and extrovert which doesn’t make sense. I feel like it just depends on where I am mentally. I can be extroverted in the right situations and introverted in others. 


Lexi: I definitely feel that! Before we sign off, what’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with our readers? 

Britt: I was thinking about this during my run this morning – career wise, be confident in what you know. I feel like that’s something that Cassey and Sam have tried to teach me since I’ve started working here 5 years ago. I think after the first 3 years, it finally started to kick in for me. They really encouraged me to be confident in my opinions because people will listen to me and my opinions matter. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up!


Lexi: That’s amazing advice! It’s so easy to get silenced in the workplace. 

Britt: Exactly! So if you have an opinion, don’t be afraid to speak up. I’m the type of person that values “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” but in work, if you have an idea, share it!

Special thank you to the one and only Brittney for sitting down and chatting with me♡ As I chat with the rest of the Blogifam, what inside scoop do you dished next? Let me know in the comments!