Want to be a POPFLEX Fit Model?


When you slip on a piece of clothing, what do you notice at first? You probably pay attention to the style and how it makes your body look...but more importantly, how it fits. 

You can tell right away if it hugs you in all the right places or if it's so uncomfortable that you can barely breathe! Perfecting the fit of a garment is a huge part of the design process. You could design the most beautiful garments, but if it doesn't fit and function properly, then what's the point?!

Unlike prom dresses and wedding gowns, we can't get away with itchy, stiff, and uncomfortable clothes. When it comes to working out, you need to feel mighty and secure in your activewear. This is PERFORMANCE activewear.

So want to understand what the fitting process is all about and how you can become a fitting model? Read on!

Fit sessions are a CRITICAL time for correcting any mistakes or making any changes before we go into production. If we don't catch an errors in a fit session...imagine that error being replicated 1000s of times over on the assembly line. It would be a disaster. And yes, that has happened before.

There is a "fit model" for each size that is available in our range. We carry size 2 through 16 - so that means we need 8 fit models every time we test out a new collection! Based what the model says about how she feels in the clothes, we make adjustments right away. Too long in the legs? We'll take off an inch. Too tight in the chest? We'll add a 1/4" to each side. If she says nothing or loves it all...then it's supposed to be perfect!

Here we have the lovely Taylor as our size 16 fitting model! You'll notice she has on the Enchanted Shrug, Wishing Star Capri, and the Zenith Zip Bra. And in case you're wondering, no we never came out with the shrug in cabernet!

So what is a fit model exactly? A fit model is a real human used by fashion designers and brands to check the fit and visual appearance of a garment. It's like having a live mannequin! Fit models are so beneficial because they can share their concerns and make comments about how the garment fits and feels. 

We also have our fit models squat jump, kick, plank, stretch and do burpees to make sure that the garment is PIIT28 and POP Pilates approved! POPFLEX fit models always get a good workout in! 

People often confuse "fit models" with "fashion models". Fit models come in all different shapes and sizes and don't have to "look fit" or "be fit." You've just got to be a real person with a real body! A fit model is selected based off of his or her measurements to match the average customer body type.

The "average customer body type" is a very important thing. There are SO MANY types of bodies out there, especially for women! And you may notice that some brands run larger (Free People) and some brands run super tight (looking at you American Apparel and Forever 21). This is because there is a general type of woman who buys these brands, so once the brand establishes their customer, they have to continue designing for that "average customer".

For example, if you're a clothing brand that caters to gymnasts, then you'd want to make leggings that run shorter and bra tops that run larger in the upper back. If you're a clothing brand that caters to runway models, then you'd make all your clothes super narrow and extra long.

The truth is, yes, it has been a challenge perfecting the fit and we're working constantly to get it down perfect. We never want to exclude anyone, and that is why we extended our range to include 14 and 16 after getting the feedback from you guys! 

It's crazy to think that POPFLEX is still a baby - just a little over a year old! But already, we have such a fantastic and diverse customer base - YOU! We're digging deep and learning more and more about your shapes, your needs, and your activities everyday.

Also, if you're in the Los Angeles area and are interested in being a POPFLEX fit model, then please fill out this application!


    Thank you for being with us on this journey. Your suggestions mean EVERYTHING! So if you have any design ideas or fitting concerns, please voice them below!