12 Week Fit Journal


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Setting yearly resolutions is nice and all… but what if we told you that you could reach your goals in just 12 WEEKS?! Yup. Wanna drink more water? We gotchu. Wanna go carb-free? Do it. Wanna start meal prepping? You can break down your grocery list by food group. AND… it’s our lightest, most portable planner EVER!


  • Create a detailed 12 week game plan to reach fitness & nutrition goals
  • Keep track of changes in your weight, measurements & BMI
  • Space to include before & after pics
  • Weekly grocery lists, broken down into food groups & sections that make food shopping easier
  • Daily food log
  • Daily sleep tracker
  • Daily water intake tracker
  • Daily workout log
  • Daily emotions tracker
  • Weekly motivational recap pages
  • Free space to write notes to self
  • Reflection journaling page
  • Full blank notes pages
  • Unique, vibrant artwork
  • Slim, modern design
  • Sturdy gold metal spiral
  • 7.25” tall x 5.75” wide

Type: Stationery

Customer Reviews

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Cute & Helps Keep me on Track!

I love this little 12 week fit journal. It's the perfect size and has all the components that a person would need to stay healthy and on track! Before/after photos, measurements page, goals page, motivational quotes you can refer to when needed, and of course daily tracking including food, sleep, water, mood, workouts, and a notes section.

I think phone apps are an ok way to track but there's something about writing things down yourself with a pen and paper that keeps me honest and it's way easier in my opinion. Love this!


I got the 2019 Fit Planner and was getting overwhelmed with the size and all the things. This 12 week fit planner is the perfect size and cute design! I love the color and styles. It's been keeping me motivated.

Too small for me

Love the idea of it but it’s small but which makes it harder to write in for me. And then it makes me not even be motivated to keep up with everything. However, this could work for somebody else. I did buy a new pen with a smaller writing tip so maybe that will help. 


12 Week Fit Journal


This is the perfect fit journal! I have tried many of them, including making my own, and this is adorable, useful, and small enough to carry around with me to and from work.

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