90 Day Journal


When Cassey embarked on her 90 Day Journey last year, she didn’t know what the end of the journey would look like, but she knew that it didn’t matter. What mattered was the journey itself. She promised not to take a single day for granted and instead, focused on finding joy through every part of the experience.

Journaling gave Cassey the opportunity to meditate on her new transformation. She got in the best mental and physical shape of her life in those 90 days and it wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to keep her thoughts and progress in one place. 

What started as blog posts and spreadsheets has turned into this exact 90 Day Journal. Every single aspect of this fitness journal has been thoughtfully designed so that you, too, can experience your own powerful and unapologetic transformation. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

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  • 90-day progress chart
  • 90-day fill-in-the-blank workout planner
  • 90 daily dedicated pages to track food, water, macros, mood, sleep, and workout
  • Weekly progress charts
  • Weekly grocery lists
  • Weekly recaps
  • Bullet journal style pages for easy tracking


  • 151 pages
  • Gold foil embossed cover
  • Hardcover
  • Spiral bound
  • Weekly divider tabs
  • Thick, high quality paper
  • 7” H  x  6 1/8” W

Type: Stationery

Customer Reviews

Based on 484 reviews
I love this journal!

I absolutely love the 90-day journal because it holds me accountable and I’m able to keep track of changes that I’m seeing while undergoing my own wellness journey!

Best Journal

Absolutely love my fit journal, I’ve had all the apps to write in my phone before but something about physically having a journal to write in keeps me extra focused on my goals, and it makes me really proud to write an entry a day. I highly recommend! The daily reminder is what keeps me consistent and I’m very excited for my journey :) I’m only one week 1 atm!

Confidence booster!

I waited for a while after purchasing this journal to write a review, so it actually reflected my experience with it, not my first impresison. Because let's face it: it's gorgeous. But what I know now is that it's also functional and inspiring. It keeps me accountable, yet, I don't feel preassured. Sitting every day to fill it is like having conversations with myself, letting myself know how I feel, what works, what doesn't, and getting to understand myself better. This is a great tool to take control of your own journey.

A Wonderful Find

I am obsessed! This is great! Simple and exactly what I was looking for!!

So Happy

I Love the 90 day journal ,it’s perfect when you love checking thinks off and writing lists. It’s perfectly Organized and has really cool motivational quotes in it ✨🤍

Cute journal!

I love this journal! I'm a designer in publishing, so I've seen a lot of journals. This one seems well designed and I appreciate the various reflection prompts and cute quotes throughout. I usually use a variety of apps to track my activity, food, sleep, and weight, but through using this journal I've realized what's missing in the apps is the ability to note what went well and what can be improved any other thoughts on my day/week/month. While I still use an app to easily count calories I actually like writing everything out and having ALL of my stats in one place vs across multiple apps. I also like being able to easily spot trends based off of my notes. I do wish that the daily notes box was a little larger, but other than that it's fine. Overall I like the size of this journal. The tabs for each week are super handy and the foil details are a nice touch.

Amazing Journal

I started my 90 day journey last November and ended last Feb. 1. I had lots of fun logging all my info everyday because I just love journals. I learned to understand the fluctuation of my weight and when it happens. My weight didn't even budge but who cares! However, there was a great change on my body measurements which I so love! I am stronger now and happier and this is only the beginning of my journey. Second journal on the mail. Thanks a lot! You can check out My post in IG @aneehr22 about my journey. (can't download my pics for some reason.)

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