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You know that first sip of water you take after a killer work out? HEAVENLY. But, not so much if you've accidentally left your bottle in a hot car all day. Eeew. Unless...it's an Infinite Ice Bottle which keeps your water cold for 24 hours! Or hot for 12 hours! It doesn't even matter what the temperature is outside! WHAT!? Yea. Plus...NO CONDENSATION.


  • BIG 34 oz. (1 Liter) bottle for our super hydrated mermaids
  • Keeps liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.
  • Stainless steel double wall vacuum insulation
  • Copper plated inner wall helps retain the internal temperature for long periods of time
  • Insulated lid keeps cold or heat from escaping.

    Type: Water Bottle

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Lovely Bottle

    I use this bottle everyday now that I have it, and it truly does keep your cold drinks cold for hours on end, like literally overnight into the next day’s afternoon. It’s insane. This one is large, but if your goal is to push your water intake, it’s worth it because it’s less trips to fill it up. It’s also super cute, so it has that going for it, as well! Highly recommend.


    I'm so glad I finally purchased this bottle! I take it to work with me, now I no longer have to buy plastic bottles which saves money and is good for the environment! I can have some hot tea and not worry about the temperature cooling down.

    Love it

    This water bottle is great! It's definitely my favorite.

    Stays Cold All Day

    Amazing for a water bottle. Keeps my water cold all day even when left out in my car!

    Infinite Ice Bottle

    This water bottle is awesome. You can drink 34 oz. of water out of it while keeping it cold.

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