Amara Mini Backpack - Deep Violet


Color: Deep Violet
Deep Teal
The adorable Amara Mini is all about the little things. Perfect for any occasion, this sweet, thoughtfully designed bag is lightweight and easy to carry without sacrificing room for your essentials. Fits a 64 oz POPFLEX bottle perfectly.
Features + Fit

• Made of luxurious and waterproof neoprene fabric
• Outer box pleat zipper pocket
• 2 easy-access outer ruffle pockets with bungee cord adjustability
• 10 inner pockets including 1 zippered pocket and 3 pen holders
• 2 inner elastic X-straps to hold oddly shaped items
• Tablet pocket secured with velcro strap
• Inner key ring clip so you never lose your keys or your rings
• Fully lined with celestial design

Dimensions: 10” wide (25 cm) x 11” tall (28 cm) x 5” deep (12 cm)

Materials + Care

Exterior: Neoprene
Interior: 100% polyester lining

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
My very handsome new friend

I didn't go out with the bag yet, but as soon as it arrived I did transfer all the important things to it for the time l will go outside. The color is stunning, and the design is amazing. I am using all the pockets that are exist and the key ring is a genius idea. I'm obsessed with this backpack and will use it whenever I can. I wish every thing was so useful like this bag.

Erika Mendoza

I love this backpack! The design and color is lovely! It has a pocket in front instead of the bow which is super useful for me! The inside has a super cute moon+star pattern. This one didn’t come with a dust bag, but that’s okay. It has all the same features (inside) as the one with the bow.

Blanton Ashley
Beautiful and Comfortable

Nice straps and such a rich purple color. The material is so nice and it sits well in hot weather. Doesn’t cause too much sweat build up. It is great for travel usage since you can shove so much in it for long distance flights. It’s nice to have because it isn’t too big or too small. Love it!

Amelia Dickson
Love the colour

Love this bag. It is great as I don't have another backpack in this colour and I love the design; very pretty and quite unique. Plus the neoprene material is a plus as should be very easy to clean and durable. However; when looking at the stitching it does seem a bit loose and not sure how long it will hold up after multiple uses; I would hope for the prices that it would very long-lasting so hoping that I am wrong. Also loving the lining which has a unique constellation design; very nice and girly. Plus the inside is very designed with a keychain for keys, loads of pockets and straps for drink bottles. I think this will a very good bag for travelling on vacation and days out. Even though it is a mini backpack I think it still can hold quite a lot (has enough room for my iPad) and know it will be able to hold quite a lot. Overall I love this bag; but not totally sure if it is worth the price. I bought this on sale so happy with my purchase. It does seem to be bit better than like a £30 (20 dollars) bag which the unique lining, and additional pockets and straps but it doesn't seem that different from one you could get for cheaper. I would say the design of the bag is the reason for the high price and to me is worth it. To see if it is truly worth it I would need to see how long it lasts. Hoping for this bag to very durable. I would buy this again in another colour (pink or white would be great), but might wait for it to be in the sale.

Uyen V.
Best purchase ever!

I had always wanted to get this bag. When I finally got it, it was surprisingly bigger than I was imagining. It was really spacious and even can hold my 64oz water bottle. It's beautiful and really durable. And the color is just gorgous.