Valentina Duffle


Gym bag, but make it a romance novel.

The Valentina Duffle was designed to carry you from work to Pilates to your weekend getaway.

Featuring a fully lined shoe compartment, two secret yoga mat holders, a laptop pocket, multiple inner and outer pockets (we love pockets), a key ring leash, an adjustable crossbody carrying strap, the Valentina is the perfect lightweight gym bag and carry-on.

Bonus: it can hold your 64 oz POPFLEX water bottle.

Features + Fit

• Fully lined, wipeable shoe compartment
• Metal hardware
• 2 secret yoga mat holders equipped with adjustable buckles, located on the front and back of the bag
• Sturdy seatbelt quality straps
• 4 exterior pockets for easy access: (2) side, mesh pockets, (1) front pocket, (1) back pocket
• Removable crossbody strap
• Key ring leash so you never lose your rings or keys
• Laptop holder
• (2) Side pockets with elastic X-straps to hold your giant 64 oz water bottle in place
• Inner zippered pocket

16.50” (41.91 cm) Long
7.75” (19.68 cm) Wide
12.25” (31.11 cm) Tall

*Note: The yoga mat holder can hold up to the 6mm vegan suede yoga mat.

Model Info
Fabric + Care

100% Polyester (inner and outer fabrics)

To clean: Spot clean only with a bleach-free cleaner

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
AmAzing bag!

So big and cute! I use it as moms bag and it’s better than any other bags I used before. Many people mentioned glue on the bag ropes, I didn’t see any, maybe it got improved because on so many reviews. Anyways it’s super cute, comfortable and unique!

Samantha Wilson
Love the design but...

Was a little disappointed with size of the bag I loved the colours and print on the bag but It just didn't quite fit in as much as I was expecting it to considering in the videos it looked like it was a tad bit bigger and looked like it could fit quite a bit in the bag. Also with the drink holding spots I love the ider but I'd be cool if one side held small bottles and the other side held bigger bottles 🥰

Cute, functional bag but with a few tweaks

I debated with myself for so long before getting this since I’ve never spent this much on bags. But the cute floral print was what clinched the deal for me.

As with some previous reviews, I notice that the glue holding the ropes were a little sloppy, which is a bummer since the rest of the bag was so thoughtfully designed. I would like to see a little more care go into the rope ties. It won’t stop me from using the bag though, as it’s very functional.

It took a while for me to figure out how to attach the fabric straps to the bag and I’m not sure how sturdy the plastic rings and buckles will be over time. I would have preferred those to be a different material than plastic.

I think it’s a pretty roomy bag, it fit a lot of stuff and functions as a decent weekender bag. Also, I loved the idea of a ring/key holder, it’s a great way to keep me from losing my rings. I have yet to use the shoe compartment or the yoga mat holder, so I can’t speak to those aspects. My yoga mat is on the thicker side so I’m not sure if it will hold anyways.

Overall, I’d rate it B+/A-, pretty happy with it.

It’s nice!

The bag is beautiful but there are just a few minor things that stop me from loving it.

1) The knots as previously mentioned in another review are held together with glue and the glue had spread to a few of the buckles. It’s not really the end of the world but for $195 I’d prefer it to not be there.

2) This bag is smaller than it looks pictures. This is not a weekender by any stretch and it’s not going to hold a ton of stuff. Not to say there’s no space - it’ll hold a good amount, just not a few days worth of clothes.

3) I own a 64 oz bottle and it *barely* fits. When the bag is zipped up all the way, the top of the cap protrudes up and onto the zip. I worry that the bottle will eventually damage the zipper so I’m not even going to bother trying to make it work. A bummer because that was one of the selling points for me, but I’ll live.

4) If you purchased the (currently) thickest option of yoga mat available now (72 x 24 x .5) it will not fit in the yoga mat holder. I’ve tried, it will not work, do not pass go, do not collect $200. To their credit, I believe this bag was created before the newer yoga mat in mind and the mat itself has a carrying strap so it’s not a big deal.

Overall, the bag is beautiful, the shoe compartment is tentatively spacious enough for my shoes, it’ll hold enough stuff for me to take on daily trips to the park. For design and functionality alone, I think it is worth the money. Just keep your expectations in check about the size and you will not be even a little disappointed!

Natalie E
Cute and functional

I LOOOOOVE how functional this bag is. Hold everything I need for the gym including my shoes and I need a lot! I’m in love with everything about this bag, especially the print