Retro Rainbow Booty Band Set


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Take it back in time with this vintage rainbow look! Featuring light, medium, and heavy resistance options, you will never run out of options to adjust your intensity. Plus, say goodbye to pinching skin with our sturdy new knitted band construction. Your booty band is sure to stay in place and feel comfy against your body!


Includes 3 Booty Bands

  • 1 Light
  • 1 Medium
  • 1 Heavy

Includes mesh travel pouch


Light: 15-25 lbs
Medium: 25-35 lbs
Heavy: 35-45 lbs


Width: 3”
Circumference: 28”
Fabric: 50% polyester/50% cotton, Latex thread

Here's a workout video using the bands!

Retro Rainbow Mat

Retro Rainbow Booty Band

Type: Booty Bands

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable and easy to use

These are great! Love the patterns and the different levels of resistance. They are easy to use and don’t rub painfully like some other bands do. Definitely recommend!

Maor B.
Overall Fit: True to Size
Cute cute cute!

Not only are these booty bands super pretty, I love how they really do come in different resistance levels and they don't hurt in any way (except from the pain of a wonderful workout!!) and they also don't roll up in an annoying way, I just loveee them!! :)

Good resistance

I really love these and the designs they come in. There is a big difference between the light and medium. The heavy feels thicker but I am yet to use it as much. These have resistance if you are not super strong. I haven't really used resistance bands before but they appear to have a lot more resistance than the rubber bands, especially for arm workouts - more resistance bands arm workouts please! From using the light one I worry if it will start to go out of shape as the fabric can bend around where the elastic is on the inside. I have only been using these for just over a week though and it seems to go back into shape for now.

Ginevra M.
Love these!

Love these! The soft One got damaged after only a few weeks of use and the tea refunded its price, but the others have been going strong for the past months!!

Shannon M.
Amazing purchase!

These bands are amazing! I now know why people use them, they work so well and they are also adorable. Highly recommend!