The Mavourneen Mini - Midnight


Color: Midnight

Translated from Irish, Mavourneen means my beloved. And oh, will this mini backpack become your very own beloved. The Mavourneen mini is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a go-to for your gym necessities, a trip to the store or a night out with your girls. The luxurious neoprene material paired with the sweet floral lining and quality golden accents is everything you’ve been dreaming of. 

Features + Fit

• Thick and luxurious neoprene material
• Floral lining
• High-quality gold hardware
• Unique hand-folded asymmetric bow
• Padded straps for ultimate comfort
• Thoughtfully placed outside side pockets for easy access to necessities
• X-strap in inner pockets to keep things in place
• 3 pen holders
• Key ring clip so you never lose your keys
• Keep things organized with 7 perfectly placed inside pockets including a zippered pocket
• Tablet pocket

• 10” long x 5” wide x 12” tall (13” tall with bow)

Model Info

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Carly I.

WOW WOW!!!!! The quality of materials this is made of!!!!! I’m Soo blown away!! There are TONS of pockets inside. I feel like a million bucks!! My favorite feature is the thick squishy handles!!!!

It’s perfect! Second time’s the charm

I returned the first bag I received because the bow had a defect, but Popflex quickly sent me a replacement and now this one is perfect! It’s spacious and organized enough to hold all my needs, and it’s more luxurious-looking than I expected with its cushioned design and golden details. The print inside is so pretty as well. A lot of thought was put into this bag and I can see it. Aside from looks, it’s comfortable to wear and has become my new daily bag. So glad I decided to get it!

Really useful and cute !!

This bag is sooo cute you guys !!
Even though it's the smallest one it really fits a lot of stuff. I use it everyday, to the mall, to get groceries and to the gym.
I really really love it, the material feels expensive and it's good for rainy season. The design is cute and I got so many compliments about it.
And the key holderrrr... game changing !!

Cute and Spacious!

I happened to see a small restock of the mauve color of the Mavourneen Mini a few weeks ago, so I decided to buy it before it sold out. (And it did sell out a few hours after I purchased one!)

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase! My Mavourneen Mini actually came with a dust bag—which I wasn’t expecting at all because I saw someone ask in the “Questions” section about whether or not it came with a dust bag, and the POPFLEX Team had said it doesn’t. So it was a really nice surprise to see that mine did come with a dust bag! :)

The backpack itself is lovely! <3 Here are some good points about it:

- The bow is cute! I love how it’s styled.
- I was satisfied to see that the gold hardware zippers were wrapped in plastic to protect them from possibly getting scratched during shipping.
- The straps are nicely padded and seem to be well sewn.
- The starry black lining inside is cute and simple.
- I love all the pockets inside! Definitely great for pens, notepads, keys, scrunchies, and other small items. And the rest of the backpack has more than enough space for my wallet, glasses, hand sanitizer, mobile phone, and portable charger (which are the main things that I carry when I go out).
- The tablet pocket fits my iPad Air in its Logitech keyboard case (which measures 10” x 7.25”). This is perfect for when I want to use a smaller backpack for carrying my tablet. :)

That being said, there are a couple of reasons for why I took off one star from my review:

- Some of the threads on the top haul strap are sticking out. My Bia Backpack doesn’t have this kind of loose threading on its top haul strap, so this must be some imperfection in the sewing of my Mavourneen Mini. Not a dealbreaker at all, and it's small enough to not be that noticeable—but for a backpack that is this expensive and is touted as being luxurious, I feel like it shouldn’t have loose threading like this.
- The mauve color is noticeably darker/duller than the preview pictures on the website. (I took pictures of my mauve Mavourneen Mini in natural light—as in the curtains were wide open with no artificial lights on. The first three sets of pictures were taken in the afternoon, and the fourth set of pictures was taken in the morning. If you compare the preview pictures to the morning pictures and afternoon pictures, the color looks different.) I still like the color, but I wish the preview pictures were more true to the actual color.

So many compliments and so much storage

I absolutely love this bag! My husband bought it for me last Christmas and it is my favorite backpack I’ve ever had! Its so cute and stylish, I still get so many compliments from it. It has so many pockets that I can use to store so many things and it even has pockets for your pens and pencils and for me I always like to be prepared so now I no longer have to fumble through my backpack to find things I have a pocket for certain thing and can keep my bag organized! I use to have to clean and organize my bag at least once a month but now I no longer have to because it just keeps me so organized! Its lightweight and the material is easy to clean and actually stays clean. It rarely gets dirty and the material is great if you accidentally spill any liquid on it you can just wipe it right up with no stains! I love how cute but also functional this bag is! Thank you Casey for your amazing design!