Vegan Suede Yoga Mat - Black Starry


Color: Black Starry
Heart in the Clouds
Navy Blue
Flourishing Foliage

This is the thickest, lightest, and most colorful anti-slip yoga mat ever invented! Our luxury vegan suede yoga mat gets grippier as your hands get sweatier thanks to its soft and ultra absorbent micro-suede texture.

    Features + Fit

    • Ultra absorbent micro-suede top layer
    • Super durable and colorful design that will not rub off or fade away
    • Extra-thick to provide stability and cushioned support for joints
    • High-density lightweight TPE bottom layer
    • Eco-friendly and PVC-free
    • Super portable at only 1.4 lbs
    • 72 in x 24 in x 6mm
    • 183 cm x 61 cm x 0.6 cm
    • Complimentary cotton carrying strap included!

    Model Info
    Materials + Care

    Use a gentle, bleach-free household disinfectant wipe to wipe down your mat after each use to kill germs and bacteria. Allow your mat to air dry before rolling it back up.
    Create an aromatic DIY mat cleaning spray by grabbing a small 2-4 oz spray bottle and filling it 3/4 of the way with water and 1/4 of the way with white vinegar. Then add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Mix, then spray it on your mat, and wipe down with a towel! Let your mat air dry before rolling it back up.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2694 reviews
    Teren Rumsey
    Works great

    I only found one issue with this mats size, it is long enough but the width is too narrow for my fiance and his shoulders go off the mat.


    I use this mat every day in my apartment (can't afford gym), clean as instructed. One side is separating and my hands slide unless the area is sweaty but I don't want to touch sweat puddles😅 I've never cleaned something so carefully before since I've never had such a "nice" mat. Didn't see an faq on Mat cleaning etc. I got this August 2022 it's now 3/2/23. I didn't think I could mess this up so fast when I tried so hard.. I wish the plant ones would come back (monsteras) I wonder if there is anything I can do to help my mat😔 thank you.

    I wish I had this yoga mat way sooner in my life!!

    This is the best yoga mat ever!!! And I shattered my knee cap due to banging my knees on yoga mats and now my knee has recovered and I feel better then ever!! Thanks to your awesome yoga mat my knees are protected thank you again and I am subscribed because I think you are the best person I have ever met, you have really given me confidence and now I am teaching yoga full time thank you so much!!!!☁️☁️ - Melissa

    Jerrica Justice
    Love it!

    It's so soft and cushiony. It also grips very well even when sweaty! So glad I purchased. 😊

    Best mat i ever owned

    I was very skeptical before getting this mat and in the end i got it as an Gift . I think i have to buy another one for Friends coming over as Well. Its Just amazing.

    Normally i have two problems with Mats. The First one ist my Cat which loves Yoga Mats and always sits inside the stored mat and when she ist getting Out she Scratches the mat. With this one she can climb Out without damaging the mat😍

    The second Problem are my sweaty hands and its really working the Mat ist getting grippier when you sweat😍

    Jane Doe
    My Go-To for Yoga!

    I love Popflex! Such cute designs, amazing packaging and wonderful service. I have 3 mats from here and love them all. I do take good care of them, and if I have a sweaty session I do allow the mat to dry before rolling. I have heard that not doing this causes the suede to separate from the foam! Anyway, no issues here for the past 8 months. I do wish they were thicker, but they have the cloud cushion one too! I hope they make more colors in that as well. Thank you PF!