Starry Night Yoga Block


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Need a lil something to lean on? These sturdy, high-quality, and dreamy yoga blocks will be your new best friend as you flow through your favorite yoga poses.

Customer Reviews

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So in love with design and wonderful for yoga

I love these yoga blocks they are firm and sturdy very soft to the touch. Very easy to clean and practically use them everyday or four times a week a long other yoga blocks I’ve bought from popflex. Love looking at cute design and they’ve been a great help to me on my yoga journey and they match my starry night yoga mat!

Beautiful and Functional

They say black goes with everything, and these black starry yoga blocks go with every workout (and work-outfit). My daughter loves them I may just have to buy another set so she'll stop stealing mine! Good size for my hands and the texture is just right for gripping during yoga.

Jen K.
Wish was thicker

Love the grip, love the design, I really do love it but…my other yoga blocks are thicker and are a bit more stable. When in the tallest height for warrior 3, I feel very wobbly and unstable. I guess that’s good to not really rely on your block right 🤷🏻‍♀️ Another example, during supported fish on its lowest height, wide side down, it’s not much height off the floor. Will I still use it? Of course! Do I wish it were thicker? Yes 😢

A great addition to my set!

I have the other Starry Night products and having everything match just makes me even more motivated to workout!

Soo pretty!

I love them! They are soo pretty it makes me motivated to use them, they are soft but firm so very safe. I love how it doesn’t make my workout room look messy because they can easily be arranged with or as decoration.