Rock Star Booty Band Set


Embrace your inner rock star with this star-studded booty band set.

Featuring light, medium, and heavy resistance options, you’ll never run out of choices to adjust your intensity. Plus, say goodbye to pinching skin with our sturdy new knitted band construction. Your booty band is sure to stay in place and feel comfy against your body!

Features + Fit

Includes 3 Booty Bands

• 1 Light
• 1 Medium
• 1 Heavy

Includes mesh travel pouch


Light: 15-25 lbs
Medium: 25-35 lbs
Heavy: 35-45 lbs


Width: 3” (7.6 cm)
Circumference: 28” (71 cm)
Fabric: 50% polyester/50% cotton, Latex thread

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jen Lepper
Best booty bands I’ve ever come across!

I had extremely high hopes for these booty bands because I have such faith is Cassey Ho as a person/designer and wow, they did not disappoint! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. They are such a soft, natural colour palette and really well made. The stitching is very secure and even the logo is done with such lovely detail. As well as arriving in a very sturdy and well-made net bag.

They are also the first booty bands I’ve ever used (I’ve tried A LOT) that don’t either A) roll up my leg mid-exercise or B) catch my leg hairs!!

10/10 :D

Jina M
Booty Band review

The quality of the bands are great and they’re very cute design wise. My only complaint is that it does not stay on your legs and is prone to sliding down compared to an elastic/rubber booty band.

Cute set, super functional

I love this design for the bands. They don't roll and I feel like they get the job done. Glad I bought these

Extremely Durable

If you have not purchased these, what are you waiting on?!? So durable, strong, and cute


I have never used resistance bands before, but these are amazing! I have never been so sore and the fabric feels like good quality. They are also comfortable to use! The patterns are fun too!