Tiny Stars High Ponytail Run Cap - Black


Color: Black
Meet your new running buddy. This performance High Ponytail Run Cap has a criss-cross back elastic with separate slots for high ponies and low ponies. The perforated, breathable design keeps you cool and comfortable.
Features + Fit

• Lightweight, quick-drying performance fabric
• Adjustable velcro
• Perforation for air flow and breathability
• Criss-cross back elastic design with high ponytail slot
• Small, subtle embroidered stars design

Model Info
Materials + Care

100% Polyester

After Your Workout: Gently hand wash in cold water. Avoid folding or wrinkling your hat to keep it looking good as new. Then shape and air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Too Small

This hat is far too small for my round 23” head. It may fit a 23” head that is shaped differently from mine. There really should be sizing information in the description for this hat. It isn’t inexpensive, and international shipping for returns is cost prohibitive. Hopefully I can find someone with a small head who I can gift it to.

Andrea W.
Perfect for workout

I often have the problem that my long hair gets in the way when I do my workouts. For running I tried to stuff it all under a normal cap, but it didn't take long to slide out and get all over my face or stick to my neck and back. I love this high pony tail cap, because I can arrange my hair so that it doesn't bother me. Plus: it's cute

Cute design, poor proportions

So the hat is adorable and truly a great idea, but the front of it is very narrow, causing the hat to not lay flat against the head if you have an average to large head. That said, I have mine stretching on a mannequin and intend to try it out again in a couple of days.

Claire Stiles
Favorite new hat

I am a hat person. I wear hats all the time. I love that I can wear my pointy tail at different heights and still feel cute. This was a great purchase for m!

Wish there were more sizes

I really love the style of this hat but it is too small for my head :( I have looked up some options to try and stretch it out and hope that will work but I was disappointed that there are so many size options everywhere else but the hats.

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Sad it didn’t work

I didn’t read reviews and should have. I found this to be very ill fitting for me. Oddly deep in the front, too small in the back, too shallow and tight (even after adjusting). I wouldn’t say I have a big head, hats usually fit me fine. Also the fabric was too stiff, even after a wash. I really wanted this to work, it is very cute and good quality.