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High-waisted AND pockets? It’s like a dream come true! These timeless tights go with literally everything, plus the perfectly high-waisted waist line accentuates your best curves. Our super popular pockets are back and they’re ready to hold your phone, keys, or sunshine. 




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Type: Leggings

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These are the worst Popflex leggings

I have the leggings from the newer collections and ordered this one (had high hopes) but this fit is the worst! The color and the pockets are great but it fits way too loose and gave me a cameltoe wich made me feel very uncomfortable while working out. The fabric is also not as soft/brushed and it has a weird elastic band on top.
Do not buy these, rather look for other leggings here like the hourglass leggings.

Simone Quinn
Best Leggings Ever!

Not only is the color superb but these are the most comfortable leggings I've ever owned...which is saying something as I own about 50 pairs of leggings. Leggings are a staple of my wardrobe and I have worn these while working as well as at the gym / hiking. I ordered these because I wanted another pair with pockets (they can be hard to come by) and now I never want to take them off. My only regret is that I didn't order them in the black as well as my size has now sold out. I wish these came in more colors and hope they are restocked soon!

Claudia A.
Beautiful Leggings Hold Up!

Not only gorgeous, these leggings have held up to some super rugged use! I hike in my Popflex athletic gear all the time (come on and design some fleece lined winter leggings for us snowshoers!!) so I put my leggings through some tough terrain. About a month ago on a rather rigorous climb, the weather turned surprisingly blizzard like and I ended up having to glissade down a number of icy switchbacks on my rear wearing these leggings. They held up well, kept me warm and dry in the icy and snow, and didn't snag, tear or even pill after all that scooting on my butt! I was thrilled - they are my go to hard hike leggings now!

Love these

The color is stunning, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, and pockets!!


The color is stunning, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and pockets!!