Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle + Bag Bundle


Color: Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle + Bag Bundle
Reaching your daily hydration goals never looked (or tasted) so good. Grab the Gallon Timer Bottle and Gallon Bottle Bag bundle for ultimate style ($90 value).

The Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle is your motivational main squeeze, featuring mini goals with timestamps (7am to 9pm) on its side and an internal fruit infuser to make staying hydrated throughout the day delicious. The Ready Set Glow Gallon bottle bag perfectly fits your 1 gallon (128 fl oz) jug and features a key ring clip, an easy access phone pocket, and a secure zipper pocket.
Model Info
Bundle Details

Gallon Bottle:
• 1 gallon (128 oz) bottle
• Removable fruit infuser
• Flip top
• Side carrying handle
• Leakproof lid
• Timer markings from 7am-9pm
• Made from BPA-free plastic
• Silicone sleeve to prevent slipping (BONUS: it detaches for an easy on-the-go dog water bottle)

• Bottle Base: 6.25" (15.9 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 12" (30 cm)
*To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

Gallon Bottle Bag:
• Thick and luxurious neoprene material
• Key ring clip so you never lose your keys
• Phone pocket
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Zippered pocket

This bag was designed for the Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle, however, it can fit bottles with the following specs:
• Bottle Base: 6.25" (15.9 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 12" (30 cm)

Customer Reviews

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Allie Gummeson
Almost perfect

I really loved this water bottle and the timing on the sides was so helpful! Unfortunately today I went to pick it up and the lid portion broke away from the bottom of the bottle. I'm definitely bummed at how soon it cracked , but I would still recommend the jug overall. Just bad luck on my end. The bag to carry it is still in great shape and I hope to use it on another jug

Oh No! Someone from our team has emailed you to help make things right.

Julia Taylor
Super Bummed!

I was so excited for this bundle to be released because I’ve been itching for a new pop flex bottle. I’ve had the bag and bottle for less than a month both are already falling apart. The seams for the backpack straps have already begun ripping, as if they weren’t reinforced enough to support the weight of the bottle when worn as a backpack. Earlier I was carrying my bag and my back was instantly soaked. I was super confused so I checked and apparently the bottom of the bottle had a giant crack in it. I never take the bottle out of the bag other than to clean it so I didn’t even notice the crack. I’m super disappointed and upset because I thought the bundle was super cute and useful. The bundle isn’t cheap but i thought it would’ve been a good investment and I absolutely love Popflex and all of Cassey’s other products. I’m so sad!

We are so sorry this happened to you, but we do show our Customer Love Team was able to take care of things for you, and we hope you are satisfied with that outcome.

Best motivation ever

This is such an amazing idea to make a bottle like that. It’s like a game now to drink water during a day. Also beautiful design and easy to use, handle is so perfect that the bottle doesn’t feel heavy at all. Great travel bag too! I am so excited every morning to start drinking water! For breastfeeding mom it’s the best invention ever! As I always felt dehydrated:(

It broke!!

Omg I’m pissed!!!! I’ve been cussing for like an hour…I just bought this 2nd oct and haven’t taken it out of the bag since I put it take (it was a pain in the butt to get inside the bag) and $80 freaking dollars later I notice the bag was loose and that the drawstring is broken. First the jacket that chokes me and now this. Wtf 🤬

Love it!

I’ve taken this bag and bottle out to a few different events and hikes now and it has been amazing! I love that it has a built in bowl for my pup, so I no longer have to carry around a separate container for her.