POPFLEX Protein Shaker Bottle - Pink


Color: Pink

The POPFLEX Protein Shaker Bottle makes the perfect addition to your supplement shelf. This 28oz, BPA-free plastic bottle features an inner rounded bottom and a snap-fit lid with a carrying handle for leak-free protection while you’re on-the-go. 

Complete with a shaker ball, the POPFLEX Protein Shaker Bottle, helps to mix your supplemented beverage, making it oh-so smooth, creamy, lump-free and easy to enjoy.

Use with your Blogilates Sculpt + Debloat Protein Powder with Probiotics.

Features + Fit

• 28oz
• Rounded inner bottom for easy cleaning
• Snap-fit lid w/ carrying handle
• Shaker ball included
• Measurement markings

Materials + Care

BPA-free plastic
To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing the lid and bottle daily after use

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Linh Wing
Cute But

I think the bottle is cute. I love the color and how easy the cap to the spout opens and closes easily without leaking. I also like how the bottle is tall, slender, and has a slim profile, but this will prove to be an issue later. The issue I had with this bottle is that it would not blend my protein shakes nicely and smooth. I find myself shaking vigorously 3x as hard just to get it decently blended. There is always protein powder build-up in the rims of the lid and bottle. At first, I thought it was my protein powder, but it did not matter if I used my regular protein or the Blogilates protein powder. There was always build-up. So then I thought maybe it's the plastic Popflex blender ball not doing a good job. I switched to the traditional wire blending ball with the Popflex bottle, but still had protein powder build-up. Then I realized it was the Popflex bottle shape. It's tall, narrow, and slim. There's not much blending room. You can only shake it up and down which therefore led to the build-up in the top rims. I then used my traditional 12 oz Blender Bottle that is more stout and wide and used the Popflex plastic blender ball and BOOM, I got a smooth protein shake with no clumps and didn't have to shake 3x as hard. So the Popflex blender bottle wasn't a home run for me. There's just not a lot of blending room. It can't go side to side, up and down, and all-around to get a good blend.

Super cute and doesn’t leak

I love the design of the bottle and the pink is darling!! I tested to see if these leaked like the water bottles, and I haven’t seen that which is great. The shaker portion is awesome and I love how the bottle is cute, and also effective. So glad I got it!!

Alyson G.
Love it but

I love this blender bottle and how lightweight it is. I love that it's pink and it makes me excited for the day! I've used it a handful of times, but noticed it leaks when shaking it. I have to hold a paper towel on the top so it doesn't leak everywhere and the lid is screwed on super tight.

Christina P

I love this bottle, I like how it’s smaller than normal shaker bottles. Great!

Ashley C.
Simple but cute

I wouldn't say it's anything special from other shaker bottles but if you love Popflex, it's a fun way to rep! I got pink, the color is really pretty.