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This kit includes both the planner and stickers.

Fit Planner

It’s that time of year again. No, not the “new year, new you” time of year. It’s more like the “new year, gonna keep crushing” time of year!

There’s no need to find a new you. You already have what it takes and this planner is going to help keep that fire burning in your heart! This Fit Planner sells out every single year because it works and it is meticulously designed to help you stay on track with both life AND fitness goals. It’s not just a new year thing. It’s a forever lifestyle. Are you ready?!




    Type: Stationery

    Customer Reviews

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    Leana Lee
    Excellent planner

    This planner is so #1 for the fitness gal and it is so organized. So many reflection pages, monthly and weekly pages, water check, to do lists, grocery lists, recipes, challenges, and monthly tabs. It's beautiful and aesthetic! Looks great on my table and I know it's going to be fun and fulfilling to fill out in 2022! Thanks for making this!

    Tina Sporlein

    First time ordering, excited to use it!

    Eva Lukacs
    My second planner

    This is my second fit planner (it's a shame this years no wall calendar was printed, I was looking for it). Actually I prefer last year's pastel colour scheme, but it was a fantastic idea to add monthly challenges and the weekly workout planner spread, now there's more space for the to-do tasks ;)

    Jillian Worenma
    New to using a fit planner so…

    I’ve never used a yearly planner so as far as I can tell this has everything I’ll need. Although I thought about it the other day and maybe it would be cool to leave like a blank page between weeks for just like free journaling? Also though maybe it has that and I’ve just forgotten. :) Either way I feel like I should come back at the end of January and update my review!

    This planner has everything!!

    I’ve never had a planner with more features so it can be used daily as opposed to just for exercise. I love the stickers which make it so fun to use! I got the pink planner which is my fave color and I am looking forward to using it in the new year!!