Black Starry Fit Kit


The stars have aligned just for you with this dark celestial set. Whether you get your yoga on or sweat it out with your booty bands, this complete set (valued at $115) is perfect for any home gym. 


  • Black Starry Vegan Suede Yoga Mat
  • Rockstar Booty Band Set (Heavy, Medium, Light)
  • Starry Night Yoga Blocks

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Ashlynn McDonald
      Yes, yes, yes!

      I love that Cassey brings a cute element to workout equipment and wear. This set is no exception! I love that everything matches and the quality is high too. I will mention the mat is more of a charcoal black rather than a true black. So the color is not the exact same as the blocks and bands. Doesn't bother me, but it might others. Thank you Cassey for making staying fit so much more fun!

      Jannelle Lebreton
      Best purchase ever!

      This kit was the best purchase I have made to date! I absolutely love Cassey's yoga mats - long, soft, and lush, these mats have never been beaten by any other brand! The fit bands - oh my lord do they ever work you out! They are stylish and soft, and I expect will stretch over time, but I barely could use the light one honestly so that might be a blessing in disguise! If you're looking for a great starter kit, I would grab one of these!

      Angela Wermes
      Better than expected!

      Love love love this fit kit! I wasn’t sure what to expect but all three elements lived up to the hype. The bands are especially awesome as they don’t slip, roll up my legs, or get all slick with sweat. And the grip and softness of the yoga mat is great! Excited to incorporate them into my workouts!

      Tricia Ragan
      So Cute!!

      The mat feels amazing I really love the velvety texture. It's soft and comfortable, helps me not slip around, but also not get stuck to it when I'm sweaty. The booty bands are fantastic! This is the first time I've "splurged" on booty bands that aren't cheapo rubber ones, and I am never ever going back! I love that everything matches and it's super cute. Obviously cute isn't the most important feature of workout gear, but it really helps me stay motivated to workout! The blocks are sturdy and great to have. I'm so glad I got this kit!!