Magnolia Limited Edition Gift Set


Meet our premium fit kit, made especially for the ultimate fit girl in your life! Complete with what she needs to begin building an elegant at home gym, this kit features our limited edition holiday Magnolia print that is exclusive to this gift set only. 

  • 3 booty bands (light, medium, heavy)
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 1 vegan suede yoga mat
  • Gift box with crinkle paper

Note: Box will be shipped as is unless you choose "add extra outer box" option. Choose the latter if you want your package to arrive without the shipping label affixed to the gift box.
    Features + Fit

    Yoga Blocks

    These sturdy, high-quality, and gorgeous yoga blocks will be your new best friend as you flow through your favorite yoga poses.

    • Dreamy blue block with flowery cottagecore print
    • Embossed with POPFLEX logo
    • 3” x 6” x 9”
    • 100% EVA foam

    Care Instructions:

    Use a disinfectant wipe or towel down with a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. Let air dry.

    Booty Bands

    Featuring light, medium, and heavy resistance options, you’ll never run out of options to adjust your intensity. Plus, say goodbye to pinching skin with our sturdy new knitted band construction. Your booty band is sure to stay in place and feel comfy against your body!

    Includes 3 booty bands:
    • 1 light (15-20 lbs)
    • 1 medium (25-35 lbs)
    • 1 heavy (35-45 lbs)

    Includes mesh travel pouch

    • Width: 3”
    • Circumference: 28”
    • Fabric: 50% polyester/50% cotton, Latex thread

    Yoga Mat

    This is the thickest, lightest, and most colorful anti-slip yoga mat ever invented! Our luxury vegan suede yoga mat gets grippier as your hands get sweatier thanks to its soft and ultra absorbent micro-suede texture.

    • Ultra absorbent micro-suede top layer
    • Super durable and colorful design that will not rub off or fade away
    • Extra-thick to provide stability and cushioned support for joints
    • High-density lightweight TPE bottom layer
    • Eco-friendly and PVC-free
    • Super portable at only 1.4 lbs
    • 72 in x 24 in x 5mm

    Complimentary cotton carrying strap included!

    2 Ways to Clean Your Mat:
    Use a gentle, bleach-free household disinfectant wipe to wipe down your mat after each use to kill germs and bacteria. Allow your mat to air dry before rolling it back up.

    Create an aromatic DIY mat cleaning spray by grabbing a small 2-4 oz spray bottle and filling it 3/4 of the way with water and 1/4 of the way with white vinegar. Then add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Mix, then spray it on your mat, and wipe down with a towel! Let your mat air dry before rolling it back up.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Hannah Sofie Eriksen
    Beautiful design

    This set is so pretty and it really motivates me to work out.
    The bands and yoga blocks are great, but I wish the yoga mat had more grip. Sometimes I feel my hands slide across the mat with no grip. Maybe if you have sweaty hands, you’ll have more grip?

    Morgan B.
    Delicate Magnolias

    An absolutely beautifully made kit. So gorgeous to use, and simply stunning, the design is simple and delicate. The whole kit is very obviously made and designed by someone who truly cares and has really applied all of their own experiences to give a mat, blocks and bands that are incredibly beautiful and supportive to use.

    So pretty!

    Magnolias are my favorite so I had to! The mat is slightly longer/wider than they usually are which is nice, and the bands/blocks are perfect accessories as well!

    Tilly E
    Mat and Bands great - blocks meh.

    I recommend buying bands and the mat, and skip the box set/ get yoga blocks from somewhere else. I truly bought the set for the mat as I've wanted one for so long and my bands were on their last leg. The mat is SO lightweight compared to my Lulu mats, and I do love the suede feel on my hands and feet. I do wish the mat was a tiny bit thicker as I have a sensitive tailbone and need a little extra cushion for its protection. Also note the the suede grabs onto EVERYTHING, so I find myself wiping things off in the middle of class even after cleaning. Would recommend buying a mat with a busier pattern to make it less obvious/distracting while in downward dog.

    The strap it comes with is solid and love how it stays looped on both ends for good hand grasping when using the strap for stretching. The bands are very strong and cute, so I'm glad I have those and feel extremely cute matching my mat while killing my external rotation muscles :)

    but the disappointment is in the blocks -- they are more narrow and smaller than my own yoga blocks and not as sturdy, and the flowers on them have already begun to wear off.

    When I bought I did not pay for the extra boxing and glad I did not as it arrived in perfect condition and would've been a waste of extra money (I live in Cali and was shipped I think from Texas). I would've loved a non-package option to save paper/cardboard and money.

    Also: the pop up for subscription keeps popping up on my mobile and I canNOT exit out of it. I've had to rewrite this review twice because I couldn't get back to viewing my page.

    Beautiful and high quality

    First thing's first, the items in this set are even more gorgeous in person than they are in the product photo! I am going to absolutely love using all of these items, and they are a major upgrade from the random fitness items I had from years ago, because not only are they beautiful and feminine, but the quality is superb! While I haven't used the mat for a sweaty workout yet, the texture feels very soft, luxurious, and grippy. A big part of my problem with pushups, planks, workouts that involved using my upper body was the fact that my arms would be sliding all over the place, but that won't be a problem with this mat! I am also loving resistance bands, and I love the choice of cloth over rubber (rubber can be uncomfortable against the skin), and don't be fooled by the cute pattern, they add a LOT of resistance... even on the light band. The yoga blocks feel high-quality as well. Everything about this kit is amazing. I'd highly recommend it as a starter set for building a cute home gym!