Little Heart High Ponytail Cap - Black


Have you ever wanted to wear that high pony or high bun but still be able to wear a cap? Us, too! That’s why we created this amazing cap that can do all that and more! With two openings in the cap, your hair can be styled up, down, or in between, and your cap will still fit perfectly!

    Features + Fit

    • Embroidered heart design
    • Two openings to adapt to almost any hairstyle
    • 100% Canvas

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    Customer Reviews

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    Everything I hoped it would be!

    This hat rocks. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time and finally took the plunge and got it. So glad I did! The hat fits well on my average-sized head. The sides do not touch my ears so it’s comfy to wear all day. Quality appears good. I love being able to wear my high ponytail while wearing a hat!

    Jana Petzold
    Loving it!

    Since I’ve got that cap, it’s my best friend. Love at first sight. It’s just awesome, nothing more to say 🫶🏻

    Michelle Hertzfeld
    High ponytail hat, where have you been all my life?

    I wear this hat constantly, and I'm not usually a hat person. This is my go-to for looking cute on video calls on day three, four...or I can put my big headphones on over them and my curly hair up on top and BAM tiny heart cuteness 🥰.

    FWIW, my hat size is 7 1/8.

    Some things to note:
    - The front of the hat is quite tall and hard, which helps give it That Cute Look, but by the end of a full day wearing it, it does start to press into the corners of my forehead. I don't know any hat that's 100% comfy for 12 hours straight though so shrug.
    - Black is tough to keep clean! Picks up marks when I touch the brim. I think that's a general "black hat problem" though, not something specific to Popflex, but something to consider if you're choosing between colors.

    Cute Hat!

    Cute hat, fits well after a little adjustment with the velcro. My head size is 7 1/4 which is the average head size for women.

    Ella Andrews
    Little details make a BIG difference

    The high ponytail hat is fabulous!! It makes having a bad hair day awesome because you can always reach for this little must-have go-to. Structure is very sturdy, basic black is perfection and that teeny little heart...adorable!!