Daisy High Ponytail Cap - Periwinkle


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Have you ever wanted to wear that high pony or high bun but still be able to wear a cap? Us, too! That’s why we created this amazing cap that can do all that and more! With two openings in the cap, your hair can be styled up, down, or in between, and your cap will still fit perfectly!


    Type: Caps

    Customer Reviews

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    Beth P.
    Overall Fit: Small
    Cap sizing a little small but super cute

    Love the concept of these caps and so glad I finally got my hands on one! While it does fit when I have my hair up in a ponytail, a bit more space would have been good for the front part as I feel it doesn't sit on my head as comfortably as I would like. The colour and flower pattern are lovely and looking forward to wearing this on some upcoming hikes!

    Christine Y.
    Best Hat EVER

    I can't believe this didn't exist before! The literally PERFECT hat especially for people with a lot of hair!!

    Vanessa L.
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 1.61cm
    Bra Size: S
    Body Type: Straight & Narrow
    Life changing

    Where was this my whole life??? 10/10 will recommend. It sits perfectly on my head and holds my (long) hair in place so nicely. I love that it doesn't just look cute, it helps prevent that horrible feeling of hair sticking to the back of your neck. Love it, could not recommend it more.

    Overall Fit: True to Size
    I love the color

    I already have 3 caps like this but in different colors I had to have this one, because I really like the blue color. :D Great cap. :)
    I see that some people are saying that is it too small... It is definetly not small for me, it could be smaller.., but I have quite small head and all the caps are usually too big for me.

    Best hat

    I loved the Little black heat one so much I had to get another color