Black Stardust Bottle - 64 oz


This bottle’s iridescent glimmer was inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the sparkling night sky. 

The double wall insulation keeps your drink cold for hours, the crystal clear flip top nozzle is designed for easy and effortless drinking, and most importantly, have you ever seen a cuter bottle?

Features + Fit

• 64 oz bottle
• Flip-top crystal clear straw
• Leak-proof lid
• Comfortable and sturdy curved handle
• Sweat free design
• Keeps liquids cold up to 40 hours (do not use with hot liquids)
• Mouth (in): 2.25
• Bottle Base (in): 4.63
• Total Bottle Height (in): 11.75
• Weight: 1 lb 14 oz

Materials + Care

• Double wall vacuum insulation
• Stainless steel
• BPA free
• Comes with straw cleaning brush
• To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

Before Use: Wash with soap and water; rinse thoroughly; air dry bottle, lid, and straw separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Noah Brown
perfect way to keep you hydrated

i got this bottle a little under 2 weeks ago and i'm already in love with it - design and function wise!! prior to getting this i was almost constantly dehydrated because of my own mental blocks and inability to remember to refill my smaller water bottles. now that i have this bottle and since it's a full days worth of water for the average person, i now have no problem drinking enough water in a day. just fill it up once in the morning and set a goal to finish the whole bottle before you go to bed and you'll start to feel more hydrated quickly. i mean like i mentioned i've only had it for just a bit under 2 weeks and i already feel more hydrated than i have in my entire life, and i'm genuinely not exaggerating about that. also the nice shiny design catches the attention of my ND brain a lot so it reminds me to drink water when i see it, even if i'm [rarely] not using the bottle itself.

Maggie Johnson
Love the color

Love this water bottle. I usually drink a gallon of water a day and I always attached to my water bottles. This one is a great size and keeps water cool inside! The size is wayyy better than having to lug around my gallon jug. The color is amazing!!! 🖤🖤

If you suck at self hydration… get this

Title says it all. I left this in my car in the garage, in 90F heat and still had ice in the bottle. I have a proud moment when I actually finish drinking all of the water in it. Lol. I was worried about purchasing due to some of the reviews complaining about a plastic smell. I took a chance and was glad I did. Love the color, and I think maybe they fixed whatever production issue caused those complaints. My bottle didnt smell. I love it so much I got one for my sister, and a small one for the gym.

Amelia Dickson

Looks great & good size for those like me who drink loads of water as finally now I have a water bottle big enough so I can take it with me on a day out and have enough to last me al day. Seen a few people on the reviews talk about the water bottles having a funny smell but this is the fourth (I think) bottle I've bought from POPFLEX and I've never had any funny smells. Need them to stop bringing out such cute designs as I've built up the collection lol


I got this for my boyfriend because he's obsessed with these water bottles!