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It’s that time of year again. No, not the “new year, new you” time of year. It’s more like the “new year, gonna keep crushing” time of year!

There’s no need to find a new you. You already have what it takes and this planner is going to help keep that fire burning in your heart! This Fit Planner sells out every single year because it works and  it is meticulously designed to help you stay on track with both life AND fitness goals. It’s not just a new year thing. It’s a forever lifestyle. Are you ready?!



    Type: Stationery

    Customer Reviews

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    So pretty!

    This is my first time purchasing a popflex planner, and it is just stunning! I love that it has a space for almost everything you could think of, including habit tracking, weekly and monthly goals, groceries lists, and more. You can tell there was a lot of thought that was put into this. I am so excited to start using this planner soon!

    Jen B.
    Beautiful, highly quality planner!

    I am beyond pleased with this planner! I am a sucker for presentation, and I felt like the way this planner is packaged just enhances the whole experience. In a sturdy, branded box, you feel like you just sent yourself an early Christmas gift! The planner itself is perfect for my needs, has areas that allow me to write out my workout schedule in depth to keep me on track and allows me to keep track of everything else I want to, such as water consumption, what I’m eating, what my goals might be for that week, etc. Cassie really thought through this product in every way that makes sense for those of us who need that extra push to organize and actually DO our workouts, and you can really tell!

    Kristin Digernes Elvesjö
    Best planner out there!

    I love this! And I've had this planner for some years now. I like the earthy colours on the inside and LOVE the font! But I do understand people who think the colours clashes with the romantic and light front, cause it kinda does. Other than that, I still like the colours overall, but some art pics are very dark and could have been a bit lighter for a better look. I love the shit out ot the 100 challenges being included in this and that we now have 2 pages for our workouts, wich makes it so much easier to write down all the workout videos I follow and I hope that this is a feature that stays for next year aswell! Like the matching box it comes in, cause I save them and keep my scrunchies in them since they are so pretty. Must say that I prefer the new stickers they send with, this is the prettiest one they've had!

    In love

    This is my first time buying the fitness planner . I LOVE THE PLANNER ! I can write down what I ate for the day, workouts I did , grocery list, and monthly goals to set for myself. This planner is me get excited for the new year to soon be arrive .

    Fantastic overall planner

    This planner is gorgeous and has everything I could ever want or need. There are lines for day-to-day planning as well as areas to write your meals and plan your workouts. I love the recipes, weekly challenges and monthly challenges. This is my first time buying a Blogilates fitness planner, and I am so excited to use it. It's not too big or thick, and I can easily carry it around in my purse or work bag. Love it!