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This kit includes both the planner and stickers.

Fit Planner

It’s that time of year again. No, not the “new year, new you” time of year. It’s more like the “new year, gonna keep crushing” time of year!

There’s no need to find a new you. You already have what it takes and this planner is going to help keep that fire burning in your heart! This Fit Planner sells out every single year because it works and it is meticulously designed to help you stay on track with both life AND fitness goals. It’s not just a new year thing. It’s a forever lifestyle. Are you ready?!




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    Lisa L
    Gorgeous and functional

    This planner made me so happy when I unboxed it last night! It is beautiful and the cover seems sturdy and well made. I love that every month has a monthly, weekly, and daily section for organizing literally everything. The stickers were a total treat yourself thing, not necessary but gave me happy memories of decorating my binders when I was a kid, so why not? LOVE the weekly challenges as well. Very well done and can't wait to use it!

    Great :)

    I love it, especially that they included "new" pages every week, that are meant specifically for writing down your workouts. With the fit planner of 2021 I never really knew where to put my workouts and I just like to write down what I did and look back on what I did and when.
    Apart from that its a great calendar, workout planner and "companion" througth the year :).


    Love the front cover!!! This is my second planner and can't wait to use it!


    I love the planner! I had the 2021 one and 2022 looks even better. It’s a bit lighter, which will be great for taking it around. I love the addition of the bi-monthly workout challenges.

    I love it

    This is my first fit journal - I finally bit the bullet after years of thinking (and trying things out with the 90 day journal). I love how vibrant it is and how much it lets me track all different areas of growth (plus that to do list for me to keep track of my day job tasks in the same place). The goals setting sections and mid year reviews are also great for keeping a distracted person like me on track. I can’t wait to start already!