2023 Fit Planner - Night Sky


Color: Night Sky
Dream Clouds

New year = more opportunities to keep crushing your goals!

This Fit Planner was designed to reinvent the typical “new year, new me” — same you, but let’s keep that fire burning in your heart! An annual sellout, this planner helps you to stay on track pushing you to focus on both life AND fitness. Our NEW favorite feature? A period tracker for you to manually log your cycle.

Also grab the cutest stickers. Perfect for our yearly Fit Planner, you can stick them on any day and we promise that your to-dos will suddenly turn vibrant with new life.

It’s not just a new year thing. It’s a forever lifestyle. Are you ready!?

Once this limited edition planner sells out, it won’t be back. Grab yours while you can.

Features + Fit

2023 Fit Planner:
• Daily mood, sleep, water, and food tracker
• Period cycle tracker
• 30 Day Habit Tracker to kick off each month
• (12) Nutrient packed monthly recipes
• Daily workout tracker
• Weekly meal planning spread
• Months include January - December 2023
• Monthly prep & goal setting
• Monthly recaps & goal reviews
• Thick high quality paper
• Silver sparkly elastic to hold Fit Planner closed
• Spacious design for more note-taking and planning
• 8 1/4” H x 6 1/8” W
• 3 3/4” H x 5 1/2” W pockets on the back of all note pages

• 78 stickers per sheet
• 4 sheets per pack
• 312 stickers total
• 5” W x 7.75”H
• Glossy finish
• High quality paper

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Customer Reviews

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Maëlle Sauvaget
Amazing fit planner

This is my second fit planner and as last year I’m in love with it. I haven’t finished the one from this year of course but can’t wait to use the new one ah ah. What I love about the new one is the fact that Cassey added a meal prep page for each week compared to the one from 2022 and also the section workout at the end of each day instead of having a whole page for workout and whole page for your meals. The only tiny downside I would say is that the section workout is very very small but except that the journal is perfect 😍

Excited about my first Fit Planner!

As a recent follower, this is my first Fit Planner. Initially, I shied away from it because I wasn't sure if I would actually use a planner dedicated to fitness. But after I kept seeing it on the homepage and how dazzling it looked, I decided to throw caution to the wind and get it.

Overall, I love all of the features of the 2023 Fit Planner! There's a lot to say about what there is and what I love about it, so here's a rundown of everything:

- The Fit Planner and sticker bundle comes in a cute box to match! (Since I ordered a few other items along with my planner and sticker bundle, everything came in a big shipping box, so my planner box was kept in good condition.)
- The first few pages of the planner are dedicated to goal-planning for the new year. A good way to reflect on personal thoughts, feelings, and motivations for 2023!
- A majority of the planner is divided into the months of the year, and each month contains the same variety of pages. (I took sample pictures of the month of March, which is my birth month!) Each month starts off with an "Intentions" page, which includes goal-setting and the cycle tracker. After the month's illustrated cover page, there's a calendar for the month. Following that, there's the meal prep page spread and weekly planner for tracking mood, hours of sleep, water intake, meals, things to do, and workouts. That continues until the end of the month, which concludes with a "Recap" page for reflection as well as a recipe.
- Towards the end of the planner, there are a few pages for reflecting on the year. (There's also a measurements page spread and some dotted notes pages.)
- At the very back of the planner is a set of pockets for holding the stickers (or receipts, notes, etc.).

As someone who is trying to build a healthier relationship with food and get back into exercising regularly, I think this planner will be super helpful for me! I might not use every single section of the planner (like the "Macros" section of the meal prep page spread; I don't think I would be able to keep up with those minute details of every meal, lol), but there's seriously a lot that's good for tracking overall health--both physically and mentally/emotionally. It seems like such a good way to help me get in tune with my mind, body, and spirit.

Really looking forward to using this planner for continuing to work on a healthier me in 2023! :)

Sarah McConkie
Amazing as usual

These planners are my ride-or die. I love the basic layout Cassey has used for years, but the addition of a meal prep spread each week is SO USEFUL. Stoked about this and can't wait to use it in 2023!

Marissa Messner
Excited for 2023!!

This planner is beautiful. I love it so much. This will be my second fit planner. It helped me grow so much. I love the design, colors and layout even more for 2023. Im so excited for next year so I can start to useing this!

Jenny green
Excited for 2023

I love everything, I am a huge fan of stars and the galaxy, this is my 2nd planner since I have found out about Blogilates summer of 2022

So happy and grateful I did, mother of 5, student, Cassey Ho saved me from depression, use my 2022 planner everyday