Hourglass Legging - Black


If you need a go-to, lightweight, and super soft legging to keep up with you and your life, look no further. Our classic V cut waistband means that the waist sits a little higher and the V cut comes in towards your belly button, accentuating your gorgeous hourglass figure. The smooth elastic band effortlessly keeps these pants fitted and stylin’, so you can go about your workout without a worry. 


  • Cozy, brushed, buttery-soft fabric
  • Squat proof fabric - no see-through moments, here
  • Wide waist band that does not pinch
  • High waisted V cut accentuates your natural hourglass shape
  • Full-length legging


ButterSilk: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Model Info:

Anna is wearing size XS
Height: 5’5” | Bust: 37” | Bra: 32D | Waist: 27.5” | Hips: 35”

Arlene is wearing size XL
Height: 5’ 9” | Bust: 44” | Bra: 36DD | Waist: 37” | Hips: 50”


XS: 26.25" | S: 26.5" | M: 26.75" | L: 27.125" | XL: 27.5" | 1X 27.75" | 2X: 28.5 | 3X: 28.75

Type: Leggings

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Size Bought: 1X
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5’11”
Bra Size: 40DD
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 245
Good fit

Great high waist and good compression! Doesn’t roll down easy which is nice. The front seam makes for some camel toe but it’s not too bad. The length is perfect which is crazy for me because I’m all leg and that never happens. Overall very happy with my purchase.

Size Bought: XS
Overall Fit: Large
Height: 154cm
Bra Size: S
Body Type: Straight & Narrow
Weight: 43.5kg
Cute design but not a good fit for me

Pros: The material is great and waist line V shape is so cute. Cons: maybe because I’m small and petite, sadly.. even XS is too loose. Waist size is perfect though. That doesn’t happen usually for other brands’ XS (normally good fit or a bit tight). Hope other Popflex’s leggings are slimmer/good fit for me!

Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: Large
Height: 5'3
Bra Size: B36
Body Type: Pear
Weight: 125 lbs
How is ButterSilk Softer than StretchSilk!? 😲🤩💕

There are literally only 2 things wrong with these leggings. I think these were made for taller women, because my size Medium was long enough in length to completely cover the heel of my foot. I suppose it runs large and I should've ordered a size small, but I actually really like the way these fit every where else except the ankles, so the length for me isnt much of an issue. I posted pics of before I "fixed" the ankle bunching (not quite as bad when toes are pointed, but way more noticeably bunched when feet are flexed) and after, and I haven't had a problem with that at all since. I worked out for a little over an hour today in this beautiful outfit, and my leggings being rolled up from the ankle by about an inch actually STAYED rolled up for the entire session, only slipping a quarter of an inch back down towards my ankles during my pike. I thought for sure they'd slip all over the place and drive me nuts, but it didn't cause me any grief at all! The 2nd thing wrong with these leggings is, as other women have said before me, major camel toe situation 😢 it isn't really a visible issue when you stand with your legs slightly apart and your feet hip width, but as soon as you relax and put your legs back together when you stand naturally again, BAM. Glaringly obvious camel toe. I have the same problem a previous reviewer mentioned about how you can actually FEEL the camel toe when youre working out or sitting down or trying to pull the waistband back up after it slides down beneath your belly button again. It's actually worse without underwear. Unless you're wearing a thong, there will be visible panty lines, and if you're going commando then it seems to uhh... further accentuate 😐 the camel toe. I love the pictures of the plus sized model in these leggings, and I was looking forward to these covering my belly button the same way hers did, but I think because of the way the leggings aren't fixed at the top on the front panel, mine just kept sliding down past my lower belly pooch. Maybe these leggings were designed with taller or plus sized ladies in mind? That would actually be a fantastic idea, because the plus sized models at PopFlex already look super gorgeous, it only makes sense to gradually test out new lines and see what length or waistband works for thicker or curvier body types. I can't think of a brand that engineers leggings specifically towards plus sizes, so that kind of concept would be a wonderful idea. All in all, I am actually really pleased with these leggings in spite of the two problems I encountered. They are incredibly comfortable, and somehow the fabric is even silkier and softer than the StretchSilk from the Gulch collection. I legit don't want to to take them off yet, I'm still wearing them lol I will definitely be wearing a long shirt with these if I decide to go out in them, though, which is admittedly somewhat disappointing because the design as a whole is quite gorgeous, but that camel toe is just too much. They fit my hips, legs, and butt GREAT, though. I may have to wear a longer shirt to go out in them, but atleast I know I'm gonna be soooooooo darn comfortable while I'm out 😃

Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'6
Bra Size: 34B
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 135
Hourglass is flattering AF!

I love these style of leggings so much! These ones are great because the V sits up higher and the leggings are a little bit longer than the terrain V waist leggings. Great for winter! Plus the material is buttery soft too!

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5’1”
Bra Size: 34C
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 125
Wish I bought two!

Love the fit! Love how thick they are too! Definitely a new fav🥰

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'1
Body Type: Hourglass
Beware of Cameltoe!!

I am torn with these leggings. While these are extremely comfortable and a thicker material that is perfect for the winter- I am so disappointed at how much the seams bring attention to your cameltoe. When I originally tried it on- I LOVED It. I didn't notice any cameltoe showing. When I went out for brunch and took a photo with a friend outside- you can see from the photos- it has a very ugly scrunching and only draws attention to your cameltoe. Another complaint but one I anticipated- these will be great for taller girls. If you're petite- these will scrunch at the bottom so just beware of that. Overall, I am disappointed because I was hoping these would be the perfect leggings during the lockdown to either workout in or to run errands in. Since I took the tag off- I can't even return these which sucks. If you don't care about cameltoe and you only plan to wear these indoors, you probably will like these leggings.

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: Large
Height: 5’4”
Bra Size: 32A
Body Type: Straight & Narrow
Weight: 118lb

They are so smooth, soft, stretchy and comfy. I wish they had pockets and honestly I should have gotten a size down but in the past sizing has been weird for your products so I’d rather be safe than sorry. Wish they had pockets but they’re otherwise fantastic!!

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