Diamond Sky Bottle - 64 oz


This bottle captures the elegance of the night sky with it's etched star design and deep blue gradient background.

The double wall insulation keeps your drink cold for hours, the crystal clear flip top nozzle is designed for easy and effortless drinking, and most importantly, have you ever seen a cuter bottle? Get ready to hydrate in style. 

    Features + Fit

    • 64 oz bottle
    • Flip top crystal clear straw
    • Leak proof lid
    • Comfortable and sturdy curved handle
    • Sweat free design
    • Keeps liquids cold up to 40 hours (do not use with hot liquids)
    • Double wall vacuum insulation
    • Stainless steel
    • BPA free
    • Comes with straw cleaning brush


    • Mouth (in): 2.25
    • Bottle Base (in): 4.63
    • Total Bottle Height (in): 11.75
    • Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
    *To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 168 reviews
    Melissa Yang
    Great bottle, but smell bad.

    The bottle is great, the shape is great, and the size is wonderful!! I was super excited to order and receive this bottle because it was exactly what I was looking for :) However the lid and the straw smelled like burnt plastic, even after washing and letting it air out. It's been over a month and I still haven't been able to use the original lid and straw due to the odor. I ended up using a different bottle cap/straw I had and the insulated bottle was great!

    Nicole McCallion
    Exceeds Expectations

    Very happy with this bottle. It's pretty, and I can fill it up and last a while before needing a refill. The wider straw lets me drink more with less work, so I'm easily getting hydrated more than normal without even noticing.

    Allyson Whipple

    Okay, I had no idea how big 64 oz was until I ordered this bottle. But now I know I'm hydrated! I love filling this up in the morning and having all the water I need for the day at the ready. Plus, this is just about the prettiest water bottle I have ever seen. I have used it every single day since it arrived. That's more than I can say for any other water bottle, thermos, or to-go mug that I have ever owned!

    Ashley Rattai

    It is amazing! The handle is amazing and the colors are exceptional. I love having a huge water bottle that is adorable you can't find ones like these in stores!

    Shannon Strader
    LOVE IT!

    I have been looking for a water bottle that would meet all my expectations for a while now. I saw these bottles back when they first came out and wanted one but never got one. I FINALLY got one for Christmas and it does not disappoint!! The last 64oz "jug" the I bought boasted about keeping water cold with special insulated sleeves. I live in the desert of Arizona and those jugs did not pass the heat test. There is nothing I hate more than warm/hot water. The ice barely made it to mid-morning. This POPFLEX water bottle is fantastic! I filled it up with ice and water and left it in there on purpose to see how long it would last (mind you it is December) but the ice lasted well over 24 hours and extremely close to the 40 hour mark that was advertised. Another thing I was concerned about was since I wanted the 64oz bottle, I was worried about how heavy and comfortable it would be to carry. She did a fantastic job designing this bottle! It is actually so nice and comfortable to carry! I was honestly shocked. I do put it in a 64oz water bottle sleeve with a strap because I'm a teacher and I usually have multiple bags I'm carrying so I do wish that there was a POPFLEX sleeve with a strap I could purchase but that's honestly a minor issue. For normal use it's very comfortable to tote around using the handle. This water bottle has BY FAR exceeded my expectations!! I have no doubt it will continue to exceed my expectations even in my hot Arizona summer.