Sunset Bottle - 64 oz


This sunset inspired bottle captures that magical golden hour moment in all of its gorgeous color! 

Features + Fit

• 64 oz bottle
• Flip top crystal clear straw
• Leak proof lid
• Comfortable and sturdy curved handle
• Sweat free design
• Keeps liquids cold up to 40 hours (do not use with hot liquids)
• Double wall vacuum insulation
• Stainless steel
• BPA free
• Comes with straw cleaning brush


• Mouth: 2.25" (5.7 cm)
• Bottle Base: 4.63" (11.7 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 11.75" (30 cm)
• Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
*To ensure healthy hygiene, we recommend hand washing lid and bottle daily after use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 687 reviews
Perfect, high quality water bottle

The quality 100% matches the price. I love this cute design that makes me excited to drink more water! I kinda want to buy it in all the colors. 😆

Glittery shimmery! ✨ 💖 💦

I love this water bottle! I know I will definitely get my daily water intake!

Kate B
Cute but Flawed

I ordered this bottle after my friend got the white stardust one. I LOVE all things shimmery.
As far as functionality, this bottle holds a lot of water and keeps it quite cold. I love the straw top and carrying handle.
That being said, the finish is not the quality I expected for the price. When I took it out of the box, it had a small scratch. Maybe it was the act of removing it from the box that scratched it. I have only brought it with me twice and it already has scratches in the finish all over it. Basically you only have to give it a hard stare and the scratches appear. Upon closer inspection, the white version also has the scratches, but they are not very visible due to the color. On this black version, the scratches stand out and make it look really disappointing. An example of one of the scratched areas is attached.

Perfect if you need help getting enough hydration & probably doubles as a weapon or weight.

This is really perfect for getting enough water in a day! I suppose I've just been chronically dehydrated but it's really made a difference in how I feel simply because my water bottle has more ounces than than my old 36oz Yeti Tumbler. The only slight critique I have is that it's rather unwieldy! I'm so used to carrying around my smaller water bottles by the handle with one or two fingers but this bottle definitely requires a completely free hand to carry. Maybe I just need to lift weights because 64oz ounces feels pretty heavy for me to carry around every where! This might be a benefit though because I get so lazy at the thought of having to carry it around that it motivates me to finish it sooner! It's insulated but I don't know how long it would keep my water cold since I haven't used it outside for long periods. It definitely feels thinner than a Yeti drink tumbler so perhaps it would keep my water cold enough for a few hours but not all day. Also, the holo glitter is so pretty!


This is the most beautiful water bottle I have ever seen/owned! I love the straw and how much water you get with each sip. No weird plastic/metal taste. Also the iridescent shimmer is so tasteful, not obnoxious but just the right amount. 10/10 would recommend