Mountain Mist Vegan Suede Yoga Mat


Bring the mountains closer to you with this gorgeous deep blue and gold-accented yoga mat.

This is the thickest, lightest, and most colorful anti-slip yoga mat ever invented! Our luxury vegan suede yoga mat gets grippier as your hands get sweatier thanks to its soft and ultra absorbent micro-suede texture.


Ultra absorbent micro-suede top layer

Super durable and colorful design that will not rub off or fade away

Extra-thick to provide stability and cushioned support for joints

High-density lightweight TPE bottom layer

Eco-friendly and PVC-free

Super portable at only 1.4 lbs

72 in x 24 in x 5mm

Complimentary cotton carrying strap included!



  1. Use a gentle, bleach-free household disinfectant wipe to wipe down your mat after each use to kill germs and bacteria. Allow your mat to air dry before rolling it back up.
  2. Create an aromatic DIY mat cleaning spray by grabbing a small 2-4 oz spray bottle and filling it 3/4 of the way with water and 1/4 of the way with white vinegar. Then add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Mix, then spray it on your mat, and wipe down with a towel! Let your mat air dry before rolling it back up.

Type: Yoga Mats

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Love It !!!

It's so soft and does not slip around mid-workout - it has a super cute pattern which makes me feel motivated to workout! It does everything that is stated in the product description. I would defiantly recommend this to everyone and anyone.

Super Soft

I love this mat! It’s super soft to work out and stretch on. My only complaints are that it smelled like chemicals at first, but after airing out it was fine. Also, it can be a bit slippery at first if you’re not sweaty yet.

Cute and sturdy

I really like this yoga mat, it doesn't get all scuffed up in the way that foam ones do. It's also quite small and easy to store. The only thing that isn't great is that the strap is quite difficult to use and the product does smell quite bad when it first arrives but that does go after a while

Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'2"
Bra Size: 34D
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 130
Vegan Suede happiness

I thought being sweaty on the vegan suede would make it gross or the texture funky but exactly the opposite ! It almost made it seem softer and like Cassey says grippier! Only thing, when you first unpack it, it'll smell like chemicals or the factory, so I just opened it and aired it out overnight and it was ready to be used in the morning.
If you're a workout queen or just starting out, invest in a vegan suede mat. I've gotten so frustrated over the years spending $10-$20 for cheap ones only for it to tear, be thin and not worth a mat, or just be too slippery. A whole week of workouts and I'm so ecstatic in my mat.
Plus having a cute mat makes it more motivating to workout on. Its cute, so you WANT to use it :)

Great mat!

It's so soft and has such a beautiful design. It's great for yoga, pilates, and stretching at home.

Height: 5’8”
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 143
Vegan Suede Convert

I was a little suspicious of the claims of a vegan suede mat as my hands slip around pretty easily when I get sweaty but this made all of this difference. Plus it’s super soft and I feel it has the “just right” amount of thickness for my Pilates and Yoga practices. On top of it all the pattern is gorgeous.


so, i've been doing all of Cassey's awesome pilates workouts but they were harder than usual because i was doing them on an itchy apartment carpet. Finally, when i saw that pop flex was doing a release of their new vegan suede mats i just had to get one as a xmas present for myself and ever since, i look forward to doing my workouts even more! The mat is SOFT and i feel like i'm floating on air and i don't have to ever worry about an itchy apartment carpet ever again! Thank you!!!!

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