90 Day Journal - Citrus


Our popular 90 Day Journal is back, this time with a new citrus gradient cover!

When Cassey embarked on her 90 Day Journey last year, she didn’t know what the end of the journey would look like, but she knew that it didn’t matter. What mattered was the journey itself. She promised not to take a single day for granted and instead, focused on finding joy through every part of the experience.

Journaling gave Cassey the opportunity to meditate on her new transformation. She got in the best mental and physical shape of her life in those 90 days and it wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to keep her thoughts and progress in one place. 

What started as empty pages in a notebook turned into this exact 90 Day Journal. Every single aspect of this journal has been thoughtfully designed so that you, too, can experience your own powerful and unapologetic transformation. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

This Journal is available as a discounted package with the 90 Day Journey Meal Plan HERE.

    Features + Fit

    • 90-day progress chart
    • 90-day fill-in-the-blank workout planner
    • 90 daily dedicated pages to track food, water, macros, mood, sleep, and workout
    • Weekly progress charts
    • Weekly grocery lists
    • Weekly recaps
    • Bullet journal style pages for easy tracking
    • 151 pages
    • Hardcover
    • Spiral bound
    • Thick, high quality paper
    • 7” (17.8 cm) H x 6 1/8” (15 cm) W

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 168 reviews
    Michelle H.
    Looking for slightly more

    Was given my first journal and meal plan for a birthday present; very happy with both but have suggestions for improvements. For my aging eyes, as beautiful as the colors are, the printing is very difficult for me to see. It would be nice if each page (or so) had a place for weight, fat and muscle percentages. It would also be beneficial to increase the size of the journal to accommodate more writing area for each meal/snack. Thank you for your consideration.

    Overall Fit: Small
    Disappointed with size

    Personally expected it to be a tad bigger, but overall happy with how it’s laid out - quite to the point-quite excited to start using Apr 1st .when I officially start the meal
    plan. Just wish text was slightly bigger and wish it had more room /bigger boxes to write in

    Sharon Y.
    90-Day Journey

    The journal helps a lot, but it is def what you make of it. However, I wish it was bound with something else other than the coils. the coils were too big for a journal this size and made it hard to write on the left even when folded. I hope she takes this into consideration.

    Heather G.
    Size Bought: S
    Overall Fit: Small
    Height: 5' 2.5"
    Body Type: Pear
    Weight: 175
    90 Days Here We Go

    I bought the whole package here, the 90 Day Journal & Pescatarian Meal Plan. I am on a journey to be the strongest I have ever been mentally & physically.

    I love the color of the book, I do wish it was a little bigger but its fine I write small. I also am following the 1500 cal (plus an extra 200 cal snack) for the meal plan which leaves me satiated and not starving. Good luck to everyone who's made the decision for themselves to get healthy this year! We got this!

    Uma M.
    Size Bought: S, M
    Height: 5ft1
    Bra Size: 32B
    Body Type: Pear
    Weight: 64kg
    Such a gorgeous and useful journal

    I love this journal in the way it looks and the size.
    It's perfect for putting in my handbag and also it's a beautiful summer theme. I'm 2 days into my 90 day journey and so excited to continue using this!!