Super 90 Day Journal


This Super 90 Day Journal edition is bigger than our original version, designed with more writing space, thoughtful recaps, and full page spreads for each day of your journey. 

With double the space, you can now focus a little more on reflection, notes, and journaling in addition to your daily workouts and meals.

For those of you who love to get every day’s detail in, this one’s for you.

Why the 90 Day Journal?

When Cassey embarked on her 90 Day Journey, she didn’t know what the end of the journey would look like, but she knew that it didn’t matter. What mattered was the journey itself. She promised not to take a single day for granted and instead, focused on finding joy through every part of the experience.

Journaling gave Cassey the opportunity to meditate on her new transformation. She got in the best mental and physical shape of her life in those 90 days and it wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to keep her thoughts and progress in one place. 

What started as empty pages in a notebook turned into this exact 90 Day Journal. Every single aspect of this journal has been thoughtfully designed so that you, too, can experience your own powerful and unapologetic transformation. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

    Features + Fit

    • 90-day progress chart
    • 90-day fill-in-the-blank workout planner
    • Daily tracking for mood, workout, food, and sleep
    • Weekly progress charts
    • Weekly grocery lists
    • Weekly dividers for easy referencing, NEW for the Super 90 Day Journal:

    • 90 daily dedicated full page spreads
    • Diary Space: dedicated daily space for journaling and reflection
    •12 full page spreads for your weekly recaps
    • Overall more space for more notes!
    • 254 pages
    • Hardcover
    • Spiral bound
    • Thick, high quality paper
    • 7” (18 cm) H x 6 1/8” (41 cm) W

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Great Journal

    The journal is lovely - well laid out and with generous spaces for writing everything out. I do love the spiral binding so you can open it out flat, but I think the metal spiral is too large. It really gets in the way of my hand when I am trying to write on the left page and makes it cramped and difficult.


    Love that the journal encourages you to think about your wellness in a well-rounded way and the high quality! Wish there was more space to journal about sleep (especially when Cassey always harps on how important sleep is!)--i.e. snoozed? sleep quality? nap? dream/type? level of rest?
    Wish there was a bit more space to make edits (especially since she says you can go back and make them) without having to use white-out or make things "ugly". Snacks/Drinks of 2 separate smaller boxes would be nice.
    Labeling Meal 1, 2, and 3 may be more inclusive than breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Love the tabs and beautiful fun designs. Only through week 3 and overall enjoying it!

    90 day Journal

    It took more than one month to arrive at my house, and the package was a little damaged (there were clear signs of water),but fortunately the journal was sealed with plastic so there was no damage to it.
    It's smaller than I thought, but it's exactly as depicted in the pictures.
    There is a lot of space to write (I have small calligraphy), there is a lot of space to write down your workout program for the day and a little diary part, where you can talk about your day, your thoughts and everything that you feel when you eat or when you walk around.
    There are only two little defect that I think of: missing lines on the goals page (I have problems in writing straight), and a elastic band to keep the journal close when you put it in your bag or purse.

    I will use this journal with the blogilates free challenges and programs.

    I hope there will be this much of space in the 2023 yearly journal so, if I buy it, I can use it to the fullest. I red some comments about the fact that there is not so much space, and it's the relevant information that made me buy this journal and not the yearly one.

    95% in love!

    I love everything about this journal! I also bought the 2022 planner at the same time though, and the 90-day super journal is the only one I'm consistently using. I wish this journal came in the 2022 planner size, and had monthly pages mixed in, although I do like the concept of the short, 3 month focus periods. It would also be nice if these came in a bundle, so you could buy multiples to last through the year! I'm getting ready to buy my 2nd one!

    So thankful for this journal!

    I had gone back and forth on getting this, but I'm just about halfway through my PIIT28 journey and I knew that the 90 day journal would help me power through those last 90 days.

    First off, this journal is GORGEOUS. The design is high quality and I know I will be able to carry this around without fear that it's going to be banged up by the time I've completed it.

    Next, the pages. My goodness, I'm a planner girl. These pages? There's actually room to write! I can't tell you how many journals I've had where I am practically using a magnifying glass to write in the smallest print possible to fit it in. I love that there is a place for everything and enough room to get down what I need to. A journal is pointless if there is only room to track half of what you need.

    Speaking of tracking. I'll admit I am crap at tracking my measurements and weight. I write them down once a month but I don't really do anything with them besides making sure it doesn't seem like I'm going in the opposite direction. After getting this notebook I used the chart in the front to compare my first and second month results. Holy crap! Seeing the percentage and having the numbers next to each other.. It felt AMAZING. I don't think I would have challenged myself to really compare like that if it hadn't been written out for me and it had a really empowering effect to see that even what seems like small gains was actually a pretty big deal when you look at it.

    Overall, if you need a little push or you're worried about losing steam, or if you really just want to have a firm grasp on where you are struggling or succeeding in your physical well being, this journal is perfect.