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When Cassey embarked on her 90 Day Journey last year, she didn’t know what the end of the journey would look like, but she knew that it didn’t matter. What mattered was the journey itself. She promised not to take a single day for granted and instead, focused on finding joy through every part of the experience.

Journaling gave Cassey the opportunity to meditate on her new transformation. She got in the best mental and physical shape of her life in those 90 days and it wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to keep her thoughts and progress in one place. 

What started as blog posts and spreadsheets has turned into this exact 90 Day Journal. Every single aspect of this fitness journal has been thoughtfully designed so that you, too, can experience your own powerful and unapologetic transformation. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

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    90 Day Journal - Stripes


    Type: Stationery

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    Glodie M.
    Overall Fit: True to Size

    I began my journey already which make me organized myself step by step. I feel like I reached another level by being able to organized myself with this journal now

    Amazing !!!

    Its really cute but it was also the first thing i bought to kick off my weight loss, it really helps you stay organized! If you are considering it , trust me its worth it .

    Asmita V.
    Helps me stay disciplined

    I tried this and the full year planner too before this one. Great to stay on track and move towards your goal in a short phased manner. Also aesthetically designed ;)

    Miriam N.
    cute and motivating!

    I really wanted to get the annual planner but I was too late... so I got this 90-day journal! It's nice that you can start whenever you want.
    Like a reviewer below, I also got this design right before the new design came out, but I still like this one.
    It lets you track your mood, workouts, sleep, meals in addition to macros/calories, and water. I do like reflecting at the start, every week, and at the very end.
    While I love that it is nice and compact, it doesn't give you a whole lot of space to write, so if you are going to start on a 90-day journey with this, I would highly recommend using a finer-point pen!

    Yunhwa B.
    90 Day Journey Here We Go!

    I bought the 12 week bundle at Target and liked it so when I saw this I decided I'd buy this and go on the 90 day journey. I have to say that I like this more. What I love about this is that it's more compact and travel friendly. I love the spiral aspect of it and the tabs. It feels more like a journal to me.

    Size Bought: M
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    cute & detailed!

    I’ve been on the fence with buying a journal but it is SUPER cute and really detailed. I was hesitant to buy it because I wasn’t sure if I would use it but I totally do. I’m just a little sad that I bought it a couple days before the new design came out! Oh well.

    Size Bought: S
    Overall Fit: True to Size
    Height: 164
    Bra Size: 34c
    Body Type: Hourglass
    Weight: 64
    Great addition to your journey

    I love this one! It holds all necessary information and gives you a perfect overview of your daily intake, workouts and feelings. I can recommend it to everyone :)