Captivate Bra - Acai Marble


Color: Acai Marble

Flattering and functional all in one. The Captivate Bra features a tasteful square neckline and open back silhouette, reminding us all that yes, you can look cute while you workout. With a compressive fit, this one is good no matter what your movement is today. Crafted from our newest ButterSoft fabric.

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Features + Fit

• Square neckline
• Open keyhole back
• Thick supportive straps
• Low to medium impact design

Impact Level:
Low to medium impact

Model Info

Arlene is wearing 1X
Height: 5’9” • Bust: 44” • Bra 38DD • Waist: 37 ½” • Hips: 48 ½”

Kaylee is wearing size XS
Height: • Bust: 35” • Bra 34B • Waist: 24 ½” • Hips: 36”

Fabric + Care

Our new ButterSoft fabric is the softest and most form fitting of them all. Brushed on both sides, your skin will savor the supple and luxurious feel of ButterSoft.

• Super soft, brushed texture
• Sweat-wicking
• Breathable
• 4-way stretch
• 70% nylon, 30% spandex

Performance Level


Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Size Bought: M
Height: 5’8
Bra Size: 34DDD
Body Type: Hourglass

I am a busty gal and I was skeptical of this bra but it was super cute and I wanted to try it. Unfortunately, it fit how I expected. I ordered a medium but the amount of space for my chest is so incredibly lacking that it’s comical how much boob is spilling out of the top and sides of the bra. What I, and every busty girl with a small waist, need is more support and more space for our breasts without having to size up in the band. As is the band was already fairly loose at a size medium. What I need is a small+ or medium+ that has the small band with additional boob room. I will be returning this.

Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: Large, Small
Height: 162 cm
Bra Size: 85D (EUR)
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 58 kg
Too small AND too big...

First of all, I LOVE the texture and the colour! But I'm a woman with a small ribcage and big breasts... as a consequence, the front is way too small, and the band is too large! The cleavage is rather indecent (one dancing dog and my boobs completely spilled out, showing my nipples... THANK GOD I was at home on my own!) and I have ZERO support. The straps in the back are loose and the band doesn't compress my ribcage in any way. Guess I have L breasts and S ribcage? I wish I could find a sportsbra that allows me to do some cardio without holding my breasts, that's the only solution I have for the moment... Pic taken after a slow session of dancing dog, not cardio at all.
PS: I followed the size chart for the bra size and not the ribcage measurement. Turns out it's still too small, and the ribcage is still too big.

Emma S.
Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size, Small
Height: 5'5
Bra Size: 34D
Body Type: Straight & Narrow
Weight: 130
Where's the Fabric?

I really want to fully love this bra, I do, but there simply is not enough fabric on it. When I was working out in it it gave me an unnecessary amount of cleavage. I never feared spillage because it was tight, but that tightness was shoving my boobs up because they had nowhere else to go. I also would have expected because of how tight it was it would be more supportive, but unfortunately that was not the case. It's incredibly soft and good for lower impact workouts, but for how much it compresses my breasts and giving the illusion of support throws me off a little bit. I do enjoy the open back design, but I believe it doesn't offer the support this bra style needs. Plus more fabric to cover the front would be great because if I had sized up to a large the band would have been too big and any chance of support would have completely gone out the window!

Size Bought: L
Overall Fit: True to Size
Bra Size: 36D
Body Type: Pear
Cute! But beware with low cut

I had to get the matching bra with the leggings. It was very easy to put on, but there is a lot of exposure on top of my bust and I’m afraid this bra is not as high impact as I anticipated. It’s still so adorable though. But please Cassey stop putting removable pads in all of your bras! They always get messed up for me in the washer, and I just remove them because it’s a hassle to fix. I would love a bra design with built in padding.

Emily B.
Size Bought: L
Overall Fit: Small
Height: 5'7"
Bra Size: 32G
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 160
Cups too small

I wanted to post a picture to show how much this bra didn't fit, but it was a little too much boob for a review 😂 the material was fabulous and I loved the open back. However, there was just not enough material in the cups. Almost half of my boob was spilling out the top, then a little bit out the side. The material just needed to extend up a couple more inches. This probably would work for someone with a wider band and smaller cups, but I have a narrow band and larger cups. My ribs are ~30 in and my chest is ~38 in. It was so comfy even when it didn't fit, so I imagine it's fantastic when it does fit.