Chamomile Booty Band Set


This bold floral booty band set will inspire you to let go of anything holding you back.

Featuring light, medium, and heavy resistance options, you’ll never run out of options to adjust your intensity. Say goodbye to pinched skin with our new knitted band construction —your booty band is sure to stay in place and feel comfy against your body!

Features + Fit

Includes 3 booty bands:
• 1 light (15-20 lbs)
• 1 medium (25-35 lbs)
• 1 heavy (35-45 lbs)
• Includes mesh travel pouch

Width: 3” (7.6 cm)
Circumference: 28” (71 cm)

Fabric + Care

Fabric: 50% polyester/50% cotton, Latex thread

Customer Reviews

Based on 670 reviews
amazing bands!

I’ve never used bands before but I just loved the way she showed to use them on your arms legs and everything and they are just too cute they are very good and thick and way to adorable on top of that!

No more pinching!

I have loved these exercise bands as they work well without pinching your skin when you move. I find these bands have a much higher resistance than previous bands I have owned. The lightest band can be a bit loose when you are in a resting position, but this is not a problem for me.

Beautiful bands

I’ve been wanting a nicer set of bands, rather than the cheap ones that usually tear. These are great. Not as flexible/stretchy as I am used to but that means I just got to work a little harder. :) I saw a video that showed using the bands to aid in push ups and I couldn’t wait to try it because I always struggle! They worked beautifully! I do wish all the bands had stars on them but I still love my set!


Just purchased these Bands I use them Daily the material is durable and the designs are super cute and they come in three different types of resistances so you can choose accordingly to your work outs

Rachael Parker
Sweet Tooth

“If you have your head in the clouds and your heart in the sky…” are the first words on this description. So I’m assuming this goes with the cloud mat? These bands looked so pretty on the computer but in person, the only band 100% accurate was the striped one. The other two don’t match the color scheme. I don’t expect computer screens to be accurate, but I’ve bought other things that matched. So sometimes the colors online are a bit misleading. I bought this when it first came out; so there’s a chance adjustments were made, but I’ll never know. So yah I was a bit let down color wise, but function is what really matters. I love the stretch in each band. It creates a great challenge. These will last me a while.