Tiny Stars High Ponytail Dad Cap


Finally! A cap for us high ponytail, top knot girls. With two openings for your luscious locks, your cap will fit perfectly no matter if you style your hair high or low. The dad cap version of our high ponytail cap features a more relaxed, unstructured look.

    Features + Fit

    • Minimal embroidered star design
    • Two openings to support a high or low pony
    • Slider adjustment
    • Relaxed look
    • 100% Canvas

    Materials + Care

    Hand wash cold. Then shape and air dry.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Better but needs work

    I’m from Canada and wanted to see if the hype in America. I’m 5’3 (160cm) and 150lbs (75kg) and US/CAD sizing I’m a small/medium top and medium bottom. I have light medium neutral skin with black long hair to my butt. Paid dearly for duties hoping for better quality than what we got up here.

    I have the black and sand cap along with the previous sold cap with the stars in the middle.

    The colour and style is adorable. Sad that the stars on the black are not as noticeable but for those who bought it cause it has a ponytail hole, don’t get your hopes up yet. You don’t get that Ariana Grande high pony but more of after the button mid ponytail. And if you got long hair, you will get the sagging as you work out unless you got a good tie on. If the slit was higher like where the button is; thats the perfect spot. And for the days we don’t want to have our hair up, to be able to clasp the hole together or a piece we can put in like a bra extender would be wonderful.
    On the plus we got a clasp on the back and a tuck in area; but I have had to tighten it more that it looks a little weird from the back but the hair covers it.
    The cap fit is loose at the front that it doesn’t really grip the head properly or at least the way I want it to. I thought being an active brand, it would be a better material but it’s just like a basic dad cap from UO. My dog hair and lint sticks on to the cap like most others. On the sand not as much but definitely on the black. The price I cant justify fully cause I can get a competitor’s for cheaper or same price but better material to catch sweat and breathability without a ponytail hole. I would recommend those for the next step to the perfect girl cap.

    So overall, keeps hair and sun out of your face. Doing errands with short/med hair length, you’re golden but with longer expect to double tie. You can’t have Ariana vibes but close enough. The fit will depend on your head. But does need work on the slit and material as it’s your basic dad cap.

    Fit still isn’t perfect

    I got the original cap and found the front a little too tight and loose at the back. I got these and found that it’s more relaxed in front but still doesn’t seem to grip my head right unless I take time to adjust my pony tail or bun to be perfectly balanced on top if not it would fall off while running. Ok for walking. Looks cute still!

    Kaitlyn Yong
    I underestimated how cute the high ponytail would be!

    This cap is SO CUTE. I love the simple embroidery and the expensive feeling slider adjustment. I thought $24 was a bit steep for such a plain hat but this is honestly a staple in my closet now and I wear it all the time. Minus one star only because the material is a little bit thinner and less soft than my other baseball caps. Overall feels really nice and looks SO CUTE. I wish there were more colors and embroidery designs!

    Jenna VanderKooi
    Best hat for my big head

    I’ll start by saying I was hesitant to order as I’m in Canada and was worried about returning but I have followed blogilates for years and had been seeing the gorgeous merch. I have never had a hat for my big head and cover the top half of my face well from sun or rain. I also struggle because I am a top knot high pony gal 100 % of the time. I kept seeing this hat and I finally said screw it I’ll get it and if it doesn’t fit my big head I’ll re gift it. It fits really well I will say I had to screw around with the size but once I got that down and put it on it fit perfectly so happy. I’ve already recommended it to all my sisters and female friends can’t explain how happy I am to have finally bought it.

    Mel Brown
    Almost perfect!

    I think it fits great and I love the longer bill. Being able to have a high ponytail is a total game changer! Only issue is that the sand color is lighter than it seemed online. My husband thought it was white at first. I wish it was more of a khaki/sand!