Mini Stars High Ponytail Dad Cap


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Finally! A cap for us high ponytail, top knot girls. With two openings for your luscious locks, your cap will fit perfectly no matter if you style your hair high or low. The dad cap version of our high ponytail cap features a more relaxed, unstructured look.



    Type: Caps

    Customer Reviews

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    Tilly E
    This hat is perfection (even for small heads!)

    Hats are so impossible for me to find with a smaller head, but this dad hat is perfect! Love how the extra cloth/band slides out of view into the hat, the tan goes with everything and have already gotten compliments just the few times I've used it. 100% worth it


    I love this cap. The simple, relaxed design and the bright, neutral color make it a staple piece that can be combined with many different outfits. The option for a high ponytail is genius and allows you not to compromise your hairstyle. Amazing.

    Siobhan Stevenson
    what an invention!

    Obsessed with this. I cannot run in a low pony! I also have one of the other style, love it too! The dad cap is so nice and casual looking, it looks really cool! I would really love one that's kind of waterproofed because I mostly wear mine to keep the rain out of my face - I wish my problem was the sun like Cassey lol

    Andrea G
    Great for long or short pony tails

    I love the minimalist design on these hats, I like using it around the house for yard work or for outdoor stands the test of time.

    So cute!

    I've only worn this twice so far but got a bunch of compliments already! I love that it has a very minimal design, although I kind of wish the stars were a different color, just so that they would stick out a bit. But overall still a great concept. I was able to wear a high messy bun and ponytail with it and had no problems, and because I was wearing my hair up high, it stayed on really well when a huge gust of wind came. Most hats give me a headache by the end of the day, but I never got one with this. My head is on the smaller side, so that might've helped too with the overall fit. For fun, my boyfriend tried it on because he also has long hair and wanted one, but he generally needs XL-sized hats and couldn't even get it around his head. Either way, he approved of it and I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a minimal style hat!