Cora Backpack - Deep Teal


Color: Deep Teal
The Cora Backpack is thoughtfully designed to bring together femme and function with its luxurious pleats, daintily ruffled pockets, a waterproof secret shoe compartment, and hidden yoga mat holder. She’s ready to support you on your every adventure!
Features + Fit

• Made of luxurious and waterproof neoprene fabric
• Hidden yoga mat straps underneath backpack
• Separate zippable shoe compartment
• Outer box pleat zipper pocket
• 2 easy-access outer ruffle pockets with bungee cord adjustability
• Inner zippered pocket + multiple pockets, including 3 pen holders
• 2 inner side pockets adorned by elastic X-straps to secure water bottles
• Laptop pocket secured with velcro strap - fits up to 13.5” (34.3 cm) computer
• Inner key ring clip so you never lose your keys or your rings
• Fully lined with a whimsical magnolia design

Bag: 13” wide (33 cm) x 17” tall (43 cm) x 7” deep (18 cm)

Materials + Care

Exterior: Neoprene
Interior: 100% polyester lining

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Not worth the price…

As much as I wanted to love this backpack, there were several disappointments. If you wear larger than a women’s shoe size 9, beware that you’re going to be struggling to fit a pair of tennis shoes in the bottom compartment. I wear a size 10 & I could barely get the zipper to close! The side pockets are not deep at all, they basically only fit an Alani Nu size can. The inside straps are supposed to be able to hold a larger bottle but again, it’s hard to close the main compartment with a bottle inside. The straps also do not stay in place & often get loose, even with the additional clip that’s supposed to hold them in place. The inside key ring enamel has already started to chip off & I’ve only had the bag for less than two weeks. Things I do love: all the pockets on the inside, the cute print on the inside, the outside color of the bag, & the waterproof neoprene outside!! However, even with the 20% off of my first purchase, this backpack is not worth $165.

Not Worth The Price

I wanted to love this. But the yoga straps don’t fit my yoga mat (must only be for popflex brand items) and you really have to cram shoes into the shoe compartment (I wear a 7 for reference). Those are the main reasons this backpack is suppose to be unique from other gym bags (especially the yoga mat straps) in my opinion and they’ve failed. With that, the bag is ultimately way overpriced.

Hoping for Durability

Had high hopes for this backpack, it's so cute with so many pockets! I've used this backpack twice, the inside pen pocket, the seam is already coming undone. I used the yoga mat straps once and the quickly got bent out of shape. I wish these was a clip for the straps, it was hard to slide my yoga mat back into the straps. I like the straps on the back of the backpack, but they do slip out of place as soon as I take it off. As someone else mentioned the side pockets for water are not very deep, my water falls right out. The bag is really cute, but not as durable as I hoped for using it twice.

Juliana Ip
Very pretty, very expensive backpack with room for improvement [2.5/5 stars]

I love the colour design - the vibrant inner fabric contrasting with the outer deep teal. The exterior material is beautifully soft to touch; and I like the cushioning on the shoulder straps. The inner pockets and exterior front pocket are nifty and useful - great for storing snacks, keys and other knick knacks. The inner side straps and outer side pockets fit my water bottle (26cm[H] x 8.5cm[W], 950mL). The inner side pockets do not fit my water bottle, but I put my glass case in them instead.

The shoe compartment is very disappointing. In 1 of my photos, it shows the bottom of the inner lining extends down into the bottom shoe compartment. But with the shoes inside them (my feet are 25cm, AUS size 8-8.5), the lining is pushed up into the main bag space, which reduces the backpack's storage capacity (2 photos showing the inside of the backpack with and without shoes; 1 photo showing shoes in shoe compartment). So, the shoe compartment doesn't offer additional storage capacity, but reduces it. The compartment is also quite small - in the photo, my running shoes are squished quite flat in order to fit. My sandals (with loose fabric fastenings) fit fine.

My laptop (23cm[W] x 33cm[L[) was also a tight squeeze. The inner laptop pouch doesn't extend down far enough for my laptop to fit comfortably - the top corners push into the top of the backpack and stretches it once it's been zipped up (laptop only, nothing else inside the backpack). I don't plan on using this backpack for my laptop, but I do query its ability to do so as the back panel is also too soft to offer ergonomic support.

The yoga mat straps are firm and very stretchy. I don't plan on using them, but I can see how this particular strap design can be unwieldy for everyday use (per other reviews). An adjustable clip strap would be much more accessible.

Overall, the colour design and basic backpack functionality is great. I bought this backpack to use for work and it will do that just fine. However, it is very expensive for a backpack that has definite room for improvement in some of its proposed functions i.e., shoe compartment, yoga mat holder, laptop holder.

KiAnna Hoppe
Amazing backpack!

I actually got this to replace my purse I carry so much stuff including my 40oz water bottle that it was too heavy on my shoulder And kept my hands full. This backpack is amazing I can carry my water bottle my laptop all my extra goodies and even a spare purse in case I go some where a little fancier where I don’t want to carry my whole backpack inside