PUPFLEX Leash + Bandana Collar - Cottagecore


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Introducing PUPFLEX! Finally, you can match your fit to your furbaby!

This whimsical Cottagecore leash and bandana collar combo features luxurious, matte gold adjustable hardware and a removable handkerchief!

Type: Pupflex

Customer Reviews

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Size Bought: M
Cute look ok quality

I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now for my 16lb 4 month old labradoodle. The look is super cute and the fabric is good. It’s managed to survive all of her tugging without breaking. My only issue is the hardware is cheap. The gold is very yellowy and it’s already scratched a bunch. It also looks like the color may be starting wear off. Other than the hardware color and quality I do like this and will use it until I can’t use it anymore.

Jennifer Hong
Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'8
Bra Size: 36C
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 160
Birthday Gift To My Kiddo

I wanted to gift my pup with a popflex gear, and this was perfect! He's a 14lb Pomeranian chihuahua, medium size dog, furry neck so I figured M would fit him well, and it did! The leash is pretty long, so don't have to worry of it being too short. Took this kid out for a hike and everyone loved it on him. 🥰

Charinee L.
Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Super cute and well made 🥰

Finally, I have a chance to match my fur baby and wouldn’t miss it. The print is super cute, fabric feels good, high quality, and true to size. The gold hardware made this set looks even better, can’t wait to rock this outfit with my fur baby boy ♥️🐶