Don't Sweat It Zip Bra - Ivory


Color: Ivory
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Do you hate that sweaty, post-workout struggle every time you have to take off your sports bra? Well, struggle no more! This zip-front bra offers medium impact support with a full-length zipper for easy removal and inner clasps for extra protection.

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Features + Fit

• Removable padding
• Princess bust seam
• Curved Y-back
• Front U-shaped neckline
• Front zip closure with triple hook protection
• Metal zipper pull
• Medium support

Model Info

Samara is wearing size S
Height: 5’9” • Bust: 32 • Bra 32C • Waist: 25” • Hips: 36”

Arlene is wearing size 1X
Height: 5’9” • Bust: 44” • Bra 38DD • Waist: 37” • Hips: 48 ½” • Torso: 69"

Model Info
Model: Arlene Height: 5.9" Bust: 44" Bra: 38DD Waist: 37" Hips: 48 ½" Torso: 69" Arlene is wearing size 1X
Model: Sam Height: 5.9" Bust: 32" Bra: 32C Waist: 25" Hips: 36" Torso: 58" Sam is wearing size S
Fabric + Care

Fabric: ButterSoft, 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Needs improvements--waste of money

This bra definitely has a lot of room for improvement! It is super cute and the material felt great but it really needs adjustable straps. My shoulders apparently are a little higher than average so each time I wore, the straps cut into my shoulders leaving deep red grooves. I am NOT large busted at all, just a little tall. The inner clasps are attached with ribbon (!), so it was hard to hook them closed because the clasps would slide and turn and would take a lot of finagling to get to slip into the receiving loop. Once it was clasped it was easy and very comfy to close with zipper and that was all great, held closed, not lumpy etc (but again, I'm an AA). BUT after wearing it a couple times, the ribbon holding the middle clasp unraveled and detached, so now I can't hook it closed. I haven't tried wearing it without this middle support--why should I have to? Besides, it's only a matter of time before another one comes off and then what?
So disappointed because I love my other pieces but I'm not sure I would splurge on another bra here.

Hi, am a member of the POPFLEX Customer Love Team and I want to help with this issue. I have emailed you privately for more info. - Kat

Avoid if you are busty

The life of this bra didn't last long. I am a busty 38H. I wore this once to play badminton and the first front clasp tore off. Then the second time I wore it, the zipper just zipped open during game. Suffice to say I trashed it after such an embarrassing episode.

Laura S.
One of my favorites.

This bra holds the girls in place. I love the extra security in the front, even though it takes a bit more time to put on and take off. It’s comfortable and flattering!

Needs a few more tweaks to be perfect

I really love the concept of the zip front bra and it's close to being perfect, but probably could benefit from a few more tweaks.

1. The plastic hooks are pretty weak and could probably be better as just a bunch of metal hook and eyes. I had a hook pop open while I attempted to zip up and ended up zipping over my skin, leaving a small gash.
2. Adjustable straps would be fantastic. The straps are a bit too long and so the cups fall lower than my breasts and look a little saggy
3. The rib band is VERY tight. While most of the bra itself fits around my ribs, the band is very tight which causes some rolls. If the width of the band could better match the non-banded section, it could be a lot more comfortable and flattering

All in all, it's really nice having a bra I don't need to wrestle to get inside, but it's just lacking a few finishing touches which make it almost perfect.

Too tight, hard to remove

Although this was a great idea and the zipper holds, I find the hooks really hard to unhook and the bottom band keeps digging into my ribs. Pretty disappointed tbh. I don't know how the other bra collections are so I'm still willing to try some of those!

not my thing

very uncomfortable, inner clasps are uneasy.