Forget Me Not High Ponytail Run Cap - Blue Sky


Color: Blue Sky
Meet your new running buddy. This performance High Ponytail Run Cap has a criss-cross back elastic with separate slots for high ponies and low ponies. The perforated, breathable design keeps you cool and comfortable.
Features + Fit

• Lightweight, quick-drying performance fabric
• Adjustable velcro
• Perforation for air flow and breathability
• Criss-cross back elastic design with high ponytail slot
• Small, subtle embroidered floral design

Materials + Care

100% Polyester

After Your Workout: Gently hand wash in cold water. Avoid folding or wrinkling your hat to keep it looking good as new. Then shape and air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lindsay Robbins
Doesn't quite work for running

I really wanted to love this hat because of the criss-cross design and the gorgeous colors. I run 20ish miles a week and I love the high ponytail hat option for sunny days, but this hat just didn't work for me. It felt weirdly short on the sides, but the front structured part was too big, so there was too much space between my head and the hat and it felt like it was going to fall off. I also don't think the structured front is breathable at all. It just won't work for running or hiking. I have a small head, so I can't really wear structured hats anyway. I love the Popflex dad cap, so I guess I will stick with that one and return this one.

Sarah Wright

I am not a hat person but wanted to give this one a try. I love the color and small design on the front. Love being able to wear a high pony tail while walking/exerciseing and thought this would be a great hat to have.
I live in Texas and we tend to get a little bit of wind. So when I went walking to give this hat a try the wind took it right off my head even while my hair was in a pony tail. Someone did mention in another review that the sides felt a little short and I have to agree. Granted my sunglasses fit without interference with the hat. If the sides were just a tad longer I don't think that I would have had an issue with the wind as much. Still I know that the wind will take off the best fitting hats at times.
Overall cute hat, great color and form is nice overall.

Ashlee Milligan
Love it!

Super cute hat, fits great and love the way the detailing is in the back. Will definitely be buying another.

Shannen M
Great little hat!

I really love this hat, the colors and style is awesome, it’s just a tad small (and I have a pretty small head for most hats). Also the criss cross in the back is adorable but I wish the elastic was a little stronger so the hat fit more snug. But otherwise it is so so cute I love it!!


I have a hard time finding hats that fit, breathe, and look good. This hat does it all! The velcro strap allows me to place it at an angle so that the sunscreen or makeup on my forehead doesn't rub off. The material is high quality and the holes keep my head cool. The back webbing keeps my ponytail in place, just as it was designed. Love this hat!