Forget Me Not High Ponytail Run Cap - White


Color: White
Blue Sky
Meet your new running buddy. This performance High Ponytail Run Cap has a criss-cross back elastic with separate slots for high ponies and low ponies. The perforated, breathable design keeps you cool and comfortable.
Features + Fit

• Lightweight, quick-drying performance fabric
• Adjustable velcro
• Perforation for air flow and breathability
• Criss-cross back elastic design with high ponytail slot
• Small, subtle embroidered floral design

Materials + Care

100% Polyester

After Your Workout: Gently hand wash in cold water. Avoid folding or wrinkling your hat to keep it looking good as new. Then shape and air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alzbeta Strosova
Not as good fit as the High Ponytail Cap for me

I love the color and the design, gorgeous as usual. But otherwise, the hole for the high ponytail is a bit lower and I cannot have the ponytail as high as I like. I did not notice it when I purchased it, but now I see it clearly in the pics, that the model's ponytail is lower. I fell in love with the white color and breathable design. Also, due to the lower pony tail opening, the hard front part does not fit on the upper corners of my forehead, it stucks there, it hurts a little and it slides from my forehead back. The Popflex Oatmel cap I have from before fits me perfectly and does not pinch anywhere, so I am not sure where the mistake is.


I was a bit worried when I saw some of the mixed reviews on sizing but I decided to give it a shot because I have loved all of my other Popflex items so far. I wanted something I could run/exercise in that would stay put, absorb sweat, and look good while doing it. If that sounds like something you want, look no further. It is plain and simple so it can be worn with any outfit though I do plan to purchase the black one at some point. Love this redesign!

Great Hat!

I am so happy about the updated design in the back and the simplistic embroidery. It is just my style and I am getting used to the fit. It is a little stiffer than the other caps but I don't wear hats often so I'm adjusting to the fit as well. Great quality and style though!


I bought it for my best friend, and she also Loves it 😊

Veronique Verwaart
Great cap

I love this cap for running! It keeps the sun out of my eyes.

It's pretty small so perfect for my small head and I love it that you can choose where you want your ponytail (low, high, middle).