Food Socks - 5 Pack


Start your day on the right foot with your new favorite socks! This low-cut style is equal parts soft and supportive, so it’s perfect whether you’re hitting the gym or strolling around town.

This pack includes 5 pairs of uniquely designed socks (valued at $40) so that you can go the full week without any worries!

Features + Fit

• Silicone strip on the inside heel - say goodbye to slipping socks
• Cute reusable sock pouch can be used for traveling
• Soft, supportive, stretchy
• Low cut ankle
• Includes 5 pairs of socks: Acai Bowl, Hot Sauce, Ice Cream, Pancake, and Egg
• One Size (Women’s 6-9)

Materials + Care

25% cotton, 22% polyester, 3% spandex

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

They are sooo cute and comfortable!! I would totally get them! Hope they make more!!

Overall Fit: True to Size
So in LOVE with these foodie socks

As a foodie at heart I seriously HAD to buy these socks! First I was a bit confused about the "onesize" size, because I have very small feet, but they fit perfectly. The silicone padding at the back keeps the socks in place and makes them even more comfortable! And seriously guys... The print is amazing. I´m wearing the socks to work because they make me sooooo happy :) They feel very high quality so I´m sure they will make me happy for a long time. I´d love to have MORE foodie socks!

Joy H.
Overall Fit: True to Size

These socks are so comfortable and fun! I wear them for workouts or just fashion. They stay on my heel which is HUGE because my socks usually slip. They are thick enough to feel high quality but not so thick that they make my shoes tight. And added bonus that they are food themed because I'm all about food!

Ashley C.
Best socks

These are so comfortable! So soft, don't make your feet sweaty. Adorable designs and they have the little grippy piece on the heel. Amazing. Size 10 women's US.

Ashley D.
amazing socks!!

I loved my feeling peachy socks so much I wanted to try another pair of Popflex socks. I bought the 6 pack, and OMG I LOVE THESE. I realized right away when I took off a pair of leggings and my socks stayed on my feet that these were amazing quality. The non-slip grip on the heel WORKS. I hate when my socks slip down, especially when I'm at work, so this was major for me. The designs are cute too, and the color holds up after washing. I will say that my socks did shrink when I washed/dried them, and there was no care information with the packaging that I found. But since the socks were a little large for me anyway, they actually fit me better now. lol I love these so much!! Will definitely purchase more in the future!