Go with the Bow High Ponytail Cap - Dusty Blush


Color: Dusty Blush
Blue Sky
Warm Beige
With a slot for your tallest top knot and also one for a sleek low pony, our Go with the Bow High Ponytail Cap is truly versatile. This cute cap comfortably molds to your head with a functional, adjustable bow and a flexible fabric top. Bonus: inner sweatband.

NOTE: This hat fits a small to medium head.

The model’s head circumference is 22.5” and her ear to ear measurement is 13.25”.

To measure your head circumference, take a soft measuring tape, start at the forehead where you'd like your hat hem to sit and wrap the tape all the way around your head until it reaches the start of the tape again.

To measure your ear to ear length, take the soft measuring tape, and beginning at one top ear crease, curve the tape over the apex of your head as if you're creating a headband, and record your measurement when you reach the other top ear crease.

Features + Fit

• Lightweight, quick-drying performance fabric
• Flexible, comfortable fit
• Terry cloth sweatband
• Adjustable bow closure
• Criss-cross back design with high and low ponytail slots
• Luxe, metal POPFLEX logo

Fabric + Care

100% Polyester
Gently hand wash in cold water. Avoid folding or wrinkling your hat to keep it looking good as new. Then shape and air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
I love the concept and the color is cute !

I really like the fun colors which you don’t find it often.
It’s cute and I love the bow tie design. However, the bow is hard to tie. I guess I could use a tutorial.
It is a little too small for me. I can still make it work but it’s not as comfy as I would like.
Also, I found that the curvature of
the cap is not even (see photo) it’s not a biggie but I’d like to bring it to your attention.

In love with this color and design!

I wear my hair up in a big bun most of the time so I was super excited that this new design had an even higher/bigger opening!! As some of the reviews point out, this hat is on the smaller and more fitted side. I found the fit to be comfortable but I can see how the size might not work for everyone. However, the material is high quality, the sweatband is a nice touch, and the bow is adorable! I purchased this hat in the navy color as well.

Cute with a couple flaws

As many other reviews have said, this hat is SMALL. I have a small head and it just barely fits me. The bow is smaller than it looks in the picture, especially if you loosen it at all. The fabric is somewhat difficult to tie and there isn’t much length to work with, but it still looks cute. That said, the rest of the hat feels well-made; the sweatband is nice. The color is pretty — it’s a little darker and pinker than the photos look on my screen.

Overall, I love it, but if your head circumference is larger than 21” it might be too small for you.

Pleasantly surprised

I love this hat! I was concerned the bow wouldn’t be secure, but it really stays in place. I haven’t tried the other hats that people reviewed as “too stiff”, but this one is perfect for running. Comfy, lightweight, and cute. I have a small head and find traditional hats don’t always fit, so this one is a keeper. It’s my new favorite. I love it!

Cute hat, love the color

To be Frank, I was very skeptical of receiving this hat after seeing so many negative reviews about how small it is around the head and how it does not fit. For reference: I have thick, long hair, and my head size is 7 3/8.

For my stats, this hat fits perfectly on my head! Now, am I going to start doing jumping jacks or run a 5k in it? Probably not. But for going on walks or enjoying a nice day in the sun, it serves its purpose of a hat. I like the nylon type material and the subtle, metal logo. This color suits my skin tone and hair color to a T. I would work on my bow tying skills, but for now my ponytail covers that part. A ballerina bun would look adorable in this hat! I’m happy with my purchase, and I would entertain the idea of picking up other colors.