Go with the Bow High Ponytail Cap - Navy


Color: Navy
Dusty Blush
Blue Sky
Warm Beige
With a slot for your tallest top knot and also one for a sleek low pony, our Go with the Bow High Ponytail Cap is truly versatile. This cute cap comfortably molds to your head with a functional, adjustable bow and a flexible fabric top. Bonus: inner sweatband.

NOTE: This hat fits a small to medium head.

The model’s head circumference is 22.5” and her ear to ear measurement is 13.25”.

To measure your head circumference, take a soft measuring tape, start at the forehead where you'd like your hat hem to sit and wrap the tape all the way around your head until it reaches the start of the tape again.

To measure your ear to ear length, take the soft measuring tape, and beginning at one top ear crease, curve the tape over the apex of your head as if you're creating a headband, and record your measurement when you reach the other top ear crease.

Features + Fit

• Lightweight, quick-drying performance fabric
• Flexible, comfortable fit
• Terry cloth sweatband
• Adjustable bow closure
• Criss-cross back design with high and low ponytail slots
• Luxe, metal POPFLEX logo

Model Info
Fabric + Care

100% Polyester
Gently hand wash in cold water. Avoid folding or wrinkling your hat to keep it looking good as new. Then shape and air dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Not the best design

I liked the first two designs of this hat better. It seem like the fabric used before had more structure to it. The fabric for this hat often wrinkles and stretchers awkwardly on top of your head which makes it feel flimsy. The bow design is cute but then you find that when you’re trying to adjust the tightness of the hat you often accidentally tie up your own hair in it. I also feels a little bit smaller in depth for my head. Over all i don’t feel very attractive in this hat. Wish they would bring back the first design.

Cute Cap! But Small Indeed

I decided to buy the bow cap after purchasing the Blogilates ponytail cap at Target. The ponytail cap at Target fits me very well! So I thought this cap would fit me, too. And measurement-wise, it sounded like it would: my head's circumference is about 22.6" and ear-to-ear measurement is about 13.25". (So it's similar to the model's head measurements as indicated in the description.)

First of all, the cap is undeniably cute! The blue sky version is true to color, and I love the simplicity of the small logo design and the bow in the back.

The cap does fit my head, and I've included pictures of me wearing it for reference. It's quite snug, but it feels secure enough for me to go for a walk in it. However, I feel like it wouldn't stay on my head if I tried to run in it. Maybe it's because I have slightly thick hair, but it feels like the weight of my ponytail/bun could make the cap come off if I tried to run in it. Plus, the cap is pretty shallow. (Fortunately, I didn't buy it with the main intention of using it for running outside. As a teacher, I mainly plan to use it for when I go outside at school, such as when I'm on yard duty for recess.)

I suppose the description is accurate in saying that the cap fits a small to medium head--but if you're looking to use this cap for running, I think it would be best for a small head only. Yes, you can adjust the bow in the back (which I did), but that doesn't change how shallow the cap is.

If this cap is ever revamped, it would be great to see it made a little larger to be more usable for running for more people!

P.S. Excuse my messy ponytail and bun! I'm no expert at making nice ponytails and buns. I'm just sloppy at them, lol.

Ziying Ong
Too small and loose at the same time.

I bought the warm beige shade that looks a lot more peach/yellow IRL and less like the "cream"/off-white labelled on the bag it came in and on the website photos (I looked on mobile and on laptop)

The structure of this cap is rather bad, it's simultaneously v tight and loose at the same time? I tried all her different cap ranges and they have a tendency to run very small? in this case, the ribbon is practically gone due to how much I have to loosen to fit it over my head and it still doesn't feel secure.


super cute! love that you can tighten it with the bow!

Ashley Stein
Cute design and color!

I’ve been wanting a high ponytail hat for a while and this one sold me!
Things I like:
-cute colors
-criss cross slit design
- hidden sweat band
- sweatproof fabric

Not a fan: the tie back. The bow is SUPER cute but the tie design is more hassle than I was expecting. It’s not as easy to adjust compared to a normal snap back or adjustable strap.