Houseplant High Ponytail Cap - Sage


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Have you ever wanted to wear that high pony or high bun but still be able to wear a cap? Us, too! That’s why we created this amazing cap that can do all that and more! With two openings in the cap, your hair can be styled up, down, or in between, and your cap will still fit perfectly!


    Type: Caps

    Customer Reviews

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    Great little cap

    As you can see, I've a lot of hair! Getting a stylish cap that gives me the room to put my curls out back is great (heck, even just being able to get onto my head is an achievement!).

    It's adjustable so you can make it a little tighter or looser, and it grips nicely so it's not sliding around and blowing off.

    Diana Rivera
    Great running hat!

    I was hesitant but decided to buy two hats since I go on morning runs and always need one available. This hat is cute and comfortable. I use it on my runs and the adjustable strap is secure so it’s not moving. The pony hole is a good size so i don’t have to worry if my pony will cause the hat to move. I also wash the hat right after every use. I shower after my run so I bring my hat with me and wash my hat with a mild soap/water mix and rinse and let hang dry on my shower head . It is dry by the evening so I can take it to my hat rack after. Even after the many washes the shape is holding up well. I was worried about the color fading or staining easily, since I have toddlers, but it has not been an issue!

    Love it

    It’s so cute and I love that you can use it with a high ponytail. Easily my most used accessory this past summer.

    High ponytail cap

    I've been dreaming of this cap from the moment I first saw it and now that I finally got it I'm loving it! The color is just so pretty and the little plant so cute! Can't wait to wear it when the weather allows!😆

    Cutest Hat Ever!

    I am obsessed with everything about these hats. I love the structure and patch in the center and need more styles ASAP. The Velcro sometimes will pull your hair but it doesn’t factor in to my option since it’s so cute.