Little Stars High Ponytail Cap - Charcoal


Have you ever wanted to wear that high pony or high bun but still be able to wear a cap? Us, too! That’s why we created this amazing cap that can do all that and more! With two openings in the cap, your hair can be styled up, down, or in between, and your cap will still fit perfectly!

    Features + Fit

    • Embroidered little star design
    • Two openings to adapt to almost any hairstyle
    • 100% Canvas

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Cute, but too small

    The hat is super cute and I like the concept of it. I like to put my hair in a bun so I was excited to get this hat. However, it’s way too small for me. I’ll probably give it away to someone else.

    Gloria Kelly
    Love this hat!

    This is seriously the only baseball cap i’ve ever looked remotely okay in. I love it so much, definitely gonna get the dad cap as soon as I finish writing this.

    It looks great on you! So glad you like the fit! Thank you for the review.

    Doesn't fit right, maybe I have a weird head.

    I was really excited to find a baseball cap that allows for high ponytails but unfortunately it doesn't fit very well. I adjusted my ponytail to perfectly match the high ponytail slit but that pushed the front of the cap too low on my face, which is weird. If I adjust my ponytail to be at the bottom of the high ponytail slit to pull it higher on my face in the front, the cap sits just a smidge above the top of my head, rather than comfortably against my head and in the correct place (kinda seems like this may be going on in the photos of this item, now that I'm looking at them again). There doesn't appear to be a way for me to use this cap such that it sits in the appropriate place on my head, even when back is adjusted correctly to my head diameter and my hair is adjusted to perfectly fit through ponytail slit. Disappointed, but given that other reviewers don't appear to have had any issues, maybe this is an issue with my head/how I prefer to wear baseball caps (ie directly against my head rather than in my eyes or sitting a fraction of an inch off my head).

    Erin R.
    Overall Fit: Small
    Height: 5’7
    High Quality, disappointing fit

    I was so excited to try these hats, I bought this one and another color. Much to my immense sadness, they do not fit. I’ve never in all my life had an issue with hats fitting my head. No matter what way I wear my hair or try as I might to get the hat to work, it’s just too small. I can’t wear it or the other color I bought. They’re very high quality and cute but useless to me since I can’t wear them. Suuuuper bummed.

    Madison K.
    The best hat around

    These hats are my all time favorite! I own two and just ordered another recently. Please don’t ever get rid of this style. Not crazy about the way the new run caps look- I like the design smack dab in the middle of the hat- it’s cute. I wear my hats almost every day!