Meal Prep Pad


You know how at the beginning of the week, your meals feel a little gourmet and at the end of the week, they start feeling a little more… haphazard?

Well, this super cute meal prep pad plus grocery checklist takes care of all of that! 

Meal prep your way through the week! Macro tracking included. You have more than enough pages for an entire year of meals.

    Features + Fit

    Page size: 8” H x 10” W (with bleed 8.5” x 10.5”)
    Page number: 60 pages
    Page corners: rounded corners
    Adhesive: Post-it style, sticky top.
    PERFORATED: The right side of the page (grocery list) will be PERFORATED.

    *The white dotted line is to indicate where the perforation should be made and the white line should NOT be printed. The “perforation” layer can be turned off in the Illustrator file.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Love this!!

    This came out just as pretty as it was depicted in the photos! Extremely functional and to the point. I love the fact that it's actually a sticky pad and that the shopping list is completely detachable! I'm looking forward to using this pad to help me get back on track with learning to cook, healthy eating, and to keep myself accountable.

    I actually added magnets onto the back of the pad so that I could put it on my fridge. (right now I'm using it to track what I'm eating because I have no meal planning skills yet)

    Prefect for a perfectionist like me

    Love this meal prep pad it very helpful and easy for me to plan my meals. Excellent product would buy again. Love that you can tear off the grocery list too.


    I absolutely love the logistics of this meal prep pad and how straight-forward it is! It also is sooo cute and keeps me motivated!

    Kalie Romanchak

    I love this, especially that the grocery list is tear off. Only thing that would make it better is a magnet on the back to put the whole pad on the fridge.

    Rose Kerchinske
    Love These!

    I absolutely love these - I bought two last year and just ordered a ton more so I never run out. The tear off grocery lists are awesome. These are essential to my meal planning success!