Moon Phases High Ponytail Cap - Maroon


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Have you ever wanted to wear that high pony or high bun but still be able to wear a cap? Us, too! That’s why we created this amazing cap that can do all that and more! With two openings in the cap, your hair can be styled up, down, or in between, and your cap will still fit perfectly!


  • Embroidered moon phase design
  • Two openings to adapt to almost any hairstyle
  • 100% Canvas

Type: Caps

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Not shaped as pictured

The maroon color is really pretty and I love the versatility of they cap. I just don’t love how it fits. The top front of the hat is pretty square looking around the head when you put it on because the two inside panels at the front are much thicker than the rest of the hat (see pics attached). I just don’t think it’s a good look on me. I was hoping it would be rounder like a traditional base ball cap. I might just see if one of my friends wants it instead. Great idea, not a great fit.

Rebecca N.
Overall Fit: True to Size
High Ponytail Heaven

Finally a hat with an option for a high ponytail or bun! I love this design, Cassey! Love the vibrant color. The hat feels high quality and durable. 10/10 would recommend.

Emily M.
Overall Fit: Small

I like the color and pattern, but it is so small! The front part of the hat is so tight I have to keep taking it off.

Dalea F.
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 4’11’m
Love my hat!

This hat is so cute and comfortable. I love the fit and I also love being able to have my hair up in a bun or high pony!


I love going for walks on the beach which requires a hat but prefer a Higher ponytail so this hat is perfect!