Neon Garden Travel Bundle


Travel, but make it romantic.

Whether you're headed to the gym, work, or a weekend getaway, let the Valentina Duffle or Stella Backpack go with you. Also, don't forget to stay hydrated with your 64 oz giant water bottle that matches, because obviously!

Your options:

Stella Backpack + 64 oz bottle. Reg $213, bundle $190. (Save $23)

Valentina Duffle + 64 oz bottle. Reg $243, bundle $220. (Save $23)

Model Info
Bundle Details

Pick either the backpack or duffle!
Backpack Details:
• Fully lined, wipeable shoe compartment
• Metal hardware
• Secret yoga mat holder equipped with adjustable buckles, located on the bottom of the bag
• Padded backpack straps for ultimate comfort
• 4 exterior pockets for easy access: 2 side mesh pockets, 2 front flap pockets
• Key ring clip so you never lose your rings or keys
• Laptop holder
• 7 perfectly placed inner pockets, including an inner zipper pocket and pen pockets
• 2 side pockets with elastic X-straps to hold your • 40 oz water bottle in place

12.75” (32.38 cm) Long
5.25” (13.33 cm) Wide
16.5” (41.91 cm) Tall

*Note: The yoga mat holder can hold up to the 6mm vegan suede yoga mat.

Duffle Details:
• Fully lined, wipeable shoe compartment
• Metal hardware
• 2 secret yoga mat holders equipped with adjustable buckles, located on the front and back of the bag
• Sturdy seatbelt quality straps
• 4 exterior pockets for easy access: (2) side, mesh pockets, (1) front pocket, (1) back pocket
• Removable crossbody strap
• Key ring leash so you never lose your rings or keys
• Laptop holder
• (2) Side pockets with elastic X-straps to hold your giant 64 oz water bottle in place
• Inner zippered pocket

16.50” (41.91 cm) Long
7.75” (19.68 cm) Wide
12.25” (31.11 cm) Tall

*Note: The yoga mat holder can hold up to the 6mm vegan suede yoga mat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
It’s Okay?

I bought this bag in August and have used it almost everyday for about 4 weeks. I really wanted to like it, it has an amazing pattern and looks so good.

Do not get this bag if you’re trying to use it everyday. It’s cute. It’s made to take you to and from the gym for a class, but not if you want to have the water bottle secured in the straps inside, the sneakers in the bottom portion, and for the bag to also zip. All of these features I expected to use simultaneously from the advertisements.

The sneakers underneath cause the bag to tip over constantly and they end up making the top portion extremely lumpy. This makes the water bottle not stay in the straps at all and most of the pockets non-functional between the sneakers and the water bottle. And the water bottle is too tall making the bag not zip. With all of this, the bag is then off balance and after week 3 it finally toppled over and the exposed water bottle handle snapped in half.

After over a month of trying to make this bag work, I give up. I never even got it to the point I’d be comfortable putting the yoga mat in the straps.

I’m also not trying to pack too much in there. Just what I need for the work day. Here’s the list:
Sneakers (size 8)
Sports bra
Small lunch
The 64oz water bottle
Coffee mug (outside pocket)

A picture of how the bag looks this morning to go to work is attached.

Because of these flaws, I will be looking for an alternative bag. This was too expensive for a bag that can’t do the advertised functions and a now broken water bottle.

Courtney Hale
A Detailed Review

If you buy this bag solely on the pattern and the design, you will not regret it. It is functional, cute, and durable- but for $195 it’s not cheap ($220 for bundle)! I will list the pros and the cons of this bag to help decide, especially because for whatever reason I cannot find as of 8/3/2022 an actual review of this bag…. Even by popflex. Lol. Pros:
1. The bag is very cute and feminine. It has a luxe feel and it is well made, for the most part.
2. It is relatively spacious! You could fit maybe a day or two day trip worth of clothes in it if you were traveling (calling it a “weekender” is a little generous). It would work well if it’s primarily a gym bag for you. It’s a pretty compact bag but it still is pretty functional.
3. It’s flexible: I can fit my laptop, yoga mat, water bottle, shoes, booty bands, and clothes all together in it so I can take it to work and then my on campus gym if I chose to. The metal hardware and the feel of the bag overall is great quality.

And now the cons…
1. First, while the rope straps are very cute they are a little…. sloppy. I hate to say it! To keep the knots in place glue was used. For an almost $200 bag, I shouldn’t be picking off glue strings :( A lot of thought went into the whole bag, and a little more thought should’ve been given there I think.
2. Filling this bag is like playing a game of Tetris. I’m a size 11 womens shoe, and my Nike react infinity running shoes are a TIGHT fit in the shoe compartment. My flat bottom lifting shoes (Vans) do fine and I tend to use those more, so not a dealbreaker for me but the shoe compartment could’ve been a little bigger to be a little more inclusive. Once the Nikes were in I found it frustrating to get the water bottle to stay in place in the straps! I think the water bottle strap shouldve been a little higher maybe. The Vans do okay with the water bottle there too. The water bottle seems to stay more in place if there is something else in the bag, like clothes. I’m speaking from the perspective of having it set on my counter, maybe if you were carrying it gravity would help keep the bottle in place.
3. Speaking of the water bottle…. I got the matching water bottle with the bag. I will say because of the water bottles cap having a upright handle, while the bag can zip over the bottle it is again a tight fit. I’m not sure why they didn’t just make the bag like, an inch or two taller but it’s kinda a confusing design “flaw”.
4. The zipper… okay, so while I love and have followed Cassey for a decade now, wasn’t the biggest fan of the look of the other two bags although I LOVE the functionality they both bring. Sue me, I’m girly and I fell in love with this one. However the main zipper does not seem to open the bag up as wide as the other two seem to (at least from pictures!) A dealbreaker? Not for me, but someone out there might love a much more “open” gym bag. I think overall I’d give this bag a B+ or A-. I gave a 3/5 mostly because I’m disappointed by the glue on the straps- I’ll be sending an email on this and I’ll see what they say because it could be just a dud. I don’t think any of my cons truly is a dealbreaker for me though.

Edit: changed to a 4/5- Popflex was more than helpful about strap concerns!


I love how spacious and how well I can organize my stuff in the inside and outside.
The material is strong and beautiful 😍
Not only do I like it for the gym but as a mom I can even use it as a diaper bag and have all my baby things secure in the inside and outside.

It’s worth every penny 😍 you will get a lot of compliments on it ❤️🫶🏼

Juliana Trainor
Expensive but worth it

So this was really expensive but it was still amazing and I could fit everything I needed in my bag, It was worth the money