POPFLEX Shipping Warranty


POPFLEX Shipping Warranty

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Warranty for peace of mind.

Living in an apartment complex I am always worried that my package is going to be delivered to the wrong mailbox/apartment or that someone is going to steal it (it has happened before). I decided I'd rather be safe than sorry because dealing with the headache of finding my stuff is the opposite of bringing me the joy I would have with my new POPFLEX.

90 days lets go!!!

So I am only 5 days into the 90 day journal and I LOVE it! So far my biggest revelation is that I was not spending enough time on myself. I was considering whatever movement I did in my day "exercise" and would eat whatever was convenient. I have discovered I need to sleep WAY more than I was and I might be allergic to soy? My mom and my sister are doing the 90 day challenge with me. When I'm done I think I might want to keep tracking everything!

Good to have just in case

I wanted to get this just in case my order got lost! It is worth it.

Always worth it

I always add it and have never had an issue

Size Bought: L
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'5'
Bra Size: 34D
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 146.8
Recommend for the holiday season

I bought the Tone Peach Bra from a Black Friday sale last month and the Flow Motion Bra - Crimson this month. To add on, I was so worried that both of these orders were going to be lost due to the an incredible amount of online orders during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, this Popflex Shipping Warranty made sure that I received my packages within 1-2 weeks. Popflex also gave me the email address to contact if my package does not arrive within 1-2 weeks.

worth it

I def recommend purchasing warranty, just in case. I've never had any problems but you never know!

Definitely need it!!!

For a very small amount of money where the warranty is added onto your purchases. It’s definitely worth it. Just in case if something were to happened to your products. The company is already adding it on there so it tells you something. More of a need than want for added peace of mind.

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